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  1. Its a crying shame that we are so behind Aus and Eng in matters of coaching, preparation, player welfare etc. In fact, we should be the ones innovating in cricket, setting the benchmark for the rest of the world, seeing the amount of money & interest the game generates here. We need to train & prepare a pool of coaches, physios, nutritionists, umpires etc, and reward outcomes. All BCCI has done with increased revenue is pay players better, including at domestic level - which is a good thing, but its just the basic first step. Rest everything is almost as adhoc as it was 20
  2. That's why our ex players generally have little credibility - seeing sanju manju, Gavaskar etc shilling for mediocre mumbai players like shardul, or sucking up to BCCI...very few of them can be trusted for integrity or analytical rigor in opinions.
  3. He shld be no. 4 in pecking order in tests too - just behind Bumrah, Shami, Ishant.
  4. do note the casual racism at 0:8 sec in first tweet, where the show host says "shekakat..or whatever his name is" (the characters name was Vijay Shekhawat in the movie). Aussies, racist and proud of it...and our IPL teams fall head over heels to give these louts cushy jobs, 'mentor' roles (whatever the f**k that is), captaincy and what not. Absolute thugs and street urchins like Ponting are feted - puke-inducing colonisation still affects so many of our urbanites.
  5. He hit a similar six against Cummins in a test match....this guy is the real deal, has just forgotten how to construct an innings in tests & ODIs, the usual TM mishandling also played a role
  6. Only thing Saha needs to improve as a keeper is his DRS skills, seems too hesitant to provide inputs to Kohli
  7. I remember seeing Pathan hit low 140s in 2004 series at home against Aus, but other than that he was a strictly mid 130s bowler but still mighty effective due to his wonderful swing and shape into right hander. During his debut series, i believe we wld have won the Sydney test if Ganguly had bowled him more on last day - he just bowled 8 out of 90 overs, despite getting ponting out, and 2 wickets (including a beauty of a yorker to clean bowl Gilchrist) in first innings. But he lost the plot in trying to add pace or add away swing or cause he got confused about his role
  8. Hmm...media has been a liberal monlith since advent of cable tv, it's only in past few years that the other viewpoint is getting some representation. Status quo of past 70 yrs is finally getting challenged. Yet, open oped page of any English MSM paper and you will find atleast 1 or 2 pieces taking to task the present powers that be or banging away on some pet liberal themes. Some fascists these, who get taken to cleaners by establishment intelligentsia on daily basis! Scene is totally different in media coverage of cricket ...they all march to the kohli-dhoni tune, no original thou
  9. yes, I still remember his batting against a rampaging Younis, Aquib Javed in Sharjah - he would play fast swinging deliveries with such assurance and rock solid defence, while others around him were getting knocked over. His century in 1989 in Windies, at a time when Windies were still at the peak, was one of the rare bright spots on that tour. But he over-analyzed his game I think and just couldn't pull himself out of the rut once he lost form in mid 90s - by then Dravid and Ganguly arrived on the scene.
  10. I believe state of a society reflects in its politicians, not the other way round. It is easy to romanticize the past. And finally, we ignore lessons of history only at our own peril.
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