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  1. I agree, this possibility is entirely on the cards. Anyway,I hardly follow IPL..just doesn't excite me, as standard of cricket becomes pedestrian for intervals during every match. It's good for the players, and cricket in india in general, so good for them. But for me it's just a bit of hit & giggle, and good for few one-on-one match ups. Don't care much for T20 WC too, next real contest is series vs Aus.
  2. lolwut...these older generation guys have no sense how to talk. just say something outrageous and gossipy to make a good quote is what they know. criticize the guy, but don't demean him or the occupation of security guard.
  3. breathe....breathe some more. And then, firstly stop swallowing libbie propaganda. Everyone is welcome to seek asylum in India through legal means. Everyone is welcome to seek naturalisation through legal means. This bill addressed the issue of persecuted refugees who overstayed visa or came without visa, and WHO ALREADY ENTERED INDIA BEFORE Dec 31, 2014. If you really want to do something for humanity, stand with persecuted religious minorities from Islamic nations - as for Muslims facing persecution from fellow Muslims in Pak - India stands with Baloch, Hazara, Sindhis in their fight for their separate homeland. Myanmar is willing to resettle Rohingyas as long as they agree to live in harmony and not fall for separatist terror orgs like ARSA.
  4. this is just a load of crap. You need to educate yourself on basic facts before displaying such ignorance on public platforms. NRC is intended to identify illegal immigrants. India has the largest illegal immigration population IN THE WORLD, majority from Bangladesh. The number of these illegal immigrants is conservatively given as between 1.2 to 2 crore (12 to 20 million) as per data submitted in Parliament in 2004, 2016 and an analysis submitted by our ex-RAW (intelligence org) chief. These illegal immigrants are either Hindus (running away from barbaric persecution as even Muslim academics in Bangladesh have acknowledged..even advent of 'secular' Sheikh Hasina govt has not managed to cure the problem of Islamic fanaticism driving Hindus & Buddhists like Chakma out of BD) or Muslims (economic migrants like Latinos in US, but many are absorbed by Islamist politicians/orgs in India with intention of skewing India's demography and/or carving out 'Greater Bangladesh' or a 'Mughalistan corridor' cutting across Northern and Eastern India) India has a civilizational duty to offer refuge to Hindus - this has been accepted since time of partition even by 'secular' leaders like Gandhi and Nehru. India has no duty to give refuge to Muslims, that too Muslims who chose to partition the country. In fact, as a still developing country, we need to tightly control our borders and ensure that our limited resources serve our citizens alone. An NRC was carried out in Assam, and despite extremely cumbersome documentary requirements (Assam had a unique requirement of people needing to prove pre-1971 residence in Assam), no mass violence took place. 19 lakh (1.9 million) people did not make it to the final list, around half of which are said to be Muslims). A nationwide NRC won't require people to dig out old documents from 1971 - as yet, no rules for such an exercise have been framed, there is every chance that only 'doubtful residents' will be asked by district authorities to produce citizenship proof. Intelligence agencies know the pockets in which Bangladeshis have been settled by 'secularists' - so by deploying Bengali dialect experts, the illegals CAN be weeded out. The exercise won't be simple, administrative challenges can't be dismissed, but it also won't be as complex as the Assam NRC where 1971-era documentation was needed. And people are realistic - Many illegals by now would have acquired various genuine ID documents, by hook or crook. But if even 30% of illegals can be identified, that would be a big achievement - just the determination to carry out this exercise will signal to future illegals and their votebank guardians in India that the good old days are over. Deporting them to Bangladesh is another challenge, but there are ways and means of achieving that too. It is pure BS to suggest that 200 million Muslims will be made stateless. Assuming India has 10 million illegal Bangladeshi Muslims, if we manage to identify 5 million (remember 1 million have already been identified in Assam), the exercise would be a success and it would send a clear signal that we care for our borders and sovereignty. Indian Muslims are being led up the garden path by vested interests to go against their own interests by taking up cudgels on behalf of illegal immigrants. But they will see sense when emotions subside and the fanatical instigators in their midst are dealt with. PS # 1 - DO NOT threaten us with 'Muslim extremism' - we have been fighting a brutal Islamofascist state for 70 years that has a declared policy of death-by-1000-cuts. We have undergone a bloody partition and witnessed a Hindu genocide unlike world has seen on our Easter borders in 1971. From late-90s through 2000s decade, our cities have suffered more Islamic terror attacks, many by homegrown extremists, than any other country. We are as battle-hardened against Islamic extremism as any country in the world. We have, are and will continue to defeat Islamic extremism. PS # 2 - You have shown your ignorance on a simple legal-political issue, so its pointless to discuss something as profound as Hindu Dharma with you. So be happy with your status of fastest-growing-religion achieved through conversion of prison inmates and by reducing women to their wombs. PS# 3 - Practise secularism in at least one Muslim-majority nation, then come back and discuss.
  5. Pant is now f***d in the head- he needs atleast 1 full season of FC cricket to work on his game away from the limelight. Exposing him to toxic Kohli-Shastri regime should be treated as a human rights violation. Just play Saha or any other domestic keeper till the time Kohli is at helm. Likewise, keep Kuldeep away from these maniacs. Let the young guys just play FC consistently where they can regain their confidence and rhythm that Koach has totally destroyed.
  6. Windies beat good teams everywhere....so did Aus. We aren't expecting that ATG status - but atleast give us the narrow 1-0 wins, battling draws, or hard-fought losses that the 2000s team gave us. In that period, this was our SENA record, against mostly tougher SENA teams Aus: 1-1 in 2003-04; 1-2 loss in 2007-08 Eng: 1-1 draw in 2002; 1-0 win in 2007 SA: 0-1 loss in 2001-02; 1-2 loss in 2006-07, 1-1 draw in 2010-11 NZ: 0-2 loss in 2002; 1-0 win in 2009 Kohli-Shaz have delivered two absolute drubbings in SENA: 1-4 loss in Eng and 0-2 in NZ (pitches in 2002 loss were much-much worse). A drubbing in Aus later this year is on the cards... Why has our SENA standard fallen below the earlier level when other teams have regressed and our own pace attack now is better? Yes, we don't have a fab 4 batting line up like earlier, but has this TM bothered to groom young batsmen properly?
  7. nailed it...usual chut***p to gain back brownie points with fans. man, this guy is going to leave us as broken as Dhoni did.
  8. There has NEVER been any huge media outcry after a SENA loss/thrashing. Only time ppl lost their s**t was WC 2007 knockout. Even Dhoni leading us to depths in 2011-12 got brushed off as transition etc. But yeah, the kohli-shastri hype Machine will quieten down now. This article is a good indicator - the sundaresan guy was writing like a Kohli fanbois the whole series, but now makes sense. https://m.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/112545/india-arent-the-team-theyre-just-a-team-like-many-others
  9. Kohlis behavior is childish, Ganguly was equally aggressive and never held back on MCs/BCs but in a more cunning way. Reacting to fans jeering is teenager stuff. Put finger to lips after beating their team, that's it. But I care two hoots for Kohli's antics. Only thing which matters is whether he is delivering solid performance as captain & batsman. He failed heavily on both counts this series and that's where he needs to be judged. many indians are still obsessed with goody-two-shoes behavior that West has boxed us into - I mean if a thug like ponting who routinely abused opposition, intimidated umpires and even cheated can be treated like an elder statesman, heck Kohli is a f**"n gentleman compared to that prick, or even likes of Warne, McGrath, symonds, Smith etc. If anything I wld hv liked Indian media to question Slater or Smith point blank like that for their obnoxious behavior on past tours,instead we gush and fawn over these people..that's what stinks. Summary - I will criticize Kohli the captain. As a batsman, he's done a lot in 3 of 4 SENA series, yes WC semi was disappointing and old ruthlessness is missing but he's still our key man. Wish he had the sense to realize captaincy is not for him and he shld go back to being the dominating batsman he can be. His Avatar in Eng, grinding through tough conditions while remaining positive is what we need.
  10. Yes, Ganguly was absolutely driven to win overseas...he was a magnificent captain for us for 4 yrs..his decline as player and captain started in 2005- rightly dropped but then he bounced back like a champ in 2006. He completely changed attitude of Indian cricket. Dhoni-Kohli morons hv pulled us back but we will rise back, that seed planted by ganguly-dravid-tendu-kumble generation has taken deep roots.
  11. You are right, pressure to excel will never come from fans, most of whom really don't understand the game but are hooked as cricket is one game where we are world-beaters (in home conditions) and because the game has been packaged well as an entertainment product especially with IPL. Drive to excel must come from player and administrative body...that's where nerdy fans like us need to focus energies. Ruthlessly pillory the time-servers & yes-men like Shastri, hope we hv more enlightened administrators like Dalmiya. I think our dilemma has some parallel with UK soccer, where an obsessive fan base treats a mediocre team with over the top adulation, and players fail to develop the game or mental toughness required to consistently succeed.
  12. we have seen where that experiment ends - KUMBLE. Kohli cannot co-exist with an indepenent-minded coach, he is 31 no spring chicken that you can expect him to change now. Only way out is to politely ask him to focus on batting. Ask new captain-coach combo to keep massaging his ego, praising him in pressers etc.
  13. i have supported Rahane, and Kohli did seed doubt in his mind by dropping him at beginning of 2018...but he looked really poor in this 2nd match, especially against short ball. He seems to have lost ability to bat big even when he looks set. I agree that he now needs to be dropped and Gill should get a long run. Hope they persist with Vihari, who despite his limitations still looks like a steady bat (and they really need to start using his bowling more). Pant has disappointed too, but WK was decent. Deserves longer rope. BUT - all this is meaningless if the Kohli/Shastri duo continue, because they will keep making half-assed decisions and messing up players. Make Mayank or Vihari the captain, get new coaching staff. My 11 for Aus tour (if we can draw that series, it will be an incredible achievement) Shaw Mayank (shld try and get a county contract and iron out flaws against moving ball, anyway ball doesn't seam/swing as much in Aus) Pujara Kohli Gill Vihari Pant Jadeja/Kuldeep Ishant Shami Bumrah KL shld come back in mix in squad (his 2nd coming in LOIs has been spectacular, wish he also goes to county and irons out his flaws against moving ball. No Rohit Pls. Drop Ashwin from overseas tours too. Make Vihari play the offie role in SENA when needed, stick to one of Jadeja/Kuldeep as your No. 1 overseas spinner for atleast 2 yrs.
  14. i have no issues with Kohli's antics - i would prefer he act more mature, and exact revenge from opponents by hammering them in cricket, but have only seen him get riled up with folks who ain't no saints. Kane or the NZ team must have done/said something, or maybe the pressure got to Kohli.
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