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  1. I don't think so, was following the live scores only from bcci website. Also, cricinfo only has 'updates', not ball by ball commentary which 99% is an indication that they weren't telecast.
  2. Having IPL just before the WC wasn't such a good idea
  3. Prabhsimran so far in the series with scores of 89(52) vs Karnataka, 43(41) vs UP, and now 63(39) against Railways. Anmolpreet has been a letdown after the initial promise shown in the u19 WC and the first season or so in first class but has gone downhill since then even with his fitness. Good to see Abhishek opening the innings.
  4. This is hilarious. Fan got too excited, posted on social media, Bill, Beef, Bio Investigation, and now the fan getting cursed now. Btw, amongst all the larra lappa, surprised someone didn't pick up the Chinese angle in all of this yet? lol
  5. Bapu tere karke is a emotional song. Fills you up with emotions.
  6. I thought it was going to a comedy skit. The guy sort of resembles a buffed up Bhagwant Maan lol. Tremendous energy.
  7. Don't forget this is the 2nd Test. India is always playing catchup and gets better as the tour progresses and uses the first Test as the 'warmup' matches they should be having prior to the actual series.
  8. Apart from the content,your tone and language was apparent when you made it between 'us' and 'them' and sounded like an emotional outburst. You're a better judge of what you felt there. There must have been a reason you deleted it? No need to justify the original post. Kudos to you. Just move on. "Preach" was a word you brought up. If I see something on this site, then I'll try to 'preach' 'my' community as well lol. I don't spend 24/7 on ICF and causally browse once in a while and that post just caught my eye. I only use social media for mostly professional work and don't see any
  9. come on guys, get the last wicket. want to see some batting
  10. Came across new singer Kaka. Dynamic voice and lots of potential here. Also wrote the lyrics himself as well. A few songs from him but 'Keh Len De' is fave so far
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