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  1. "Here's a comparison between boundary % and SR for batters facing 200+ balls. Lowest boundary % for striking at 140+ was 17.55% - similar dynamic to most leagues. Basically - if you have a below average boundary %, good luck with hitting 140+SR." On this evidence, India top three should be a Agarwal, Samson and Yadav
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2010/aug/31/pakistan-cricket-team-redemption
  3. Another super over on the cards Padosi scriptwriters want to outdo IPL
  4. Embarrassing if Babar cant finish this will be a huge black mark on his career
  5. Wouldve been game over if they took that sitter and got Babar
  6. Padosis choking are people are watching this IPL match historic win on the cards
  7. Babar Azam dropped by these feku Zimbabweans another chokejob
  8. Only good batsman in this team rest falling like pins
  9. I expected Zimbabwe to win one game perhaps this will be it
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