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  1. Kohli will get exposed if he is asked to bat at higher sr... So he is happy with his buddies playing at 85 sr. and rule this team for 5-6 years more.
  2. Hope both nation will leave kashmir to people of kashmir.Sikhs should have their homeland as Indian punjab. Both nation should prosper together.
  3. I want virat to score an odi 200 though. He is already GOAT in odi's.It will be good to see him score a double century.
  4. He would not be able to do even against west indies, srilanka and bangladesh
  5. Ek se ek kohli ke critics baithe hain is forum per
  6. Rohit eats up all powerplay by scoring 15 runs in 15 balls. While kohli chews 15-20 balls after powerplay.Both are more prone to play match loosing inning if other players do not play with 150+ sr.
  7. Kishan Prithwi Sky Pant Pandya(c) Jadeja Rahul tewatiya Sundar Bhuvi Bumrah Nattrajan
  8. Tuk tuk rohit and kohli should have taken rest from this series.
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