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  1. He only had one decent innings so far but I am hoping him to make some good runs in the upcoming matches.
  2. rahul58

    Gaikwad v Shaw

    For me, Shaw definitely has the edge.
  3. Nadal has won the Barcelona Open 2021 after beating Tsitispas in an epic FINAL.
  4. I personally support the management decision to not shift the league to any other county.
  5. It is always a treat to watch a fast bowler like Brett Lee bowl.
  6. i was right, Tsitsipas has won :)
  7. It will Tsitsipas vs Rublev in the Monte-Carlo Masters FINAL tomorrow. My money on Tsitsipas, what about you?
  8. Mumbai Indians on top, this is where they belong. WELL DONE Rohit and his team.
  9. Still early days but it doesn't look good to see Mumbai with 0 points.
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