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  1. Buy 12, 13 and 14 th man did you see how Drs altered to show Rohit hit the ball when Rohit himself knew he didn’t hit it
  2. 1. Russell (just a genius) 2. Watson (way underrated multiple time MVP and multiple championships) 3. Pollard 4. Gayle 5. ABDV 6. Warner maxi has done nothing to be in this conversation besides that one season
  3. Lingo has to go. Tahie bravo or even brendorff
  4. Faf dropped catch is why this is being discussed
  5. JadegA run a ball 22 was the first crime how many times this pandu use “bloody” while he speaks
  6. Archer hit nigidi for 30 runs last year he is crap better play Tahir or bernderof
  7. If Curran can bowl Yorkers why he bowl length balls to pandu and got smoked for 2 sixes
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