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  1. And huge credit to Kohli as to where Indian pacers are
  2. They should care. They need to be playing well to get contracts to sustain these lifestyles. Even now the big contracts come usually after some international recognition
  3. Don’t believe this riches to rags story if they had been rich from before these 2 would have been somewhat educated and not so classless… all they do is show that they’ve never been exposed to money before
  4. High likelihood that Pandya bros go broke within a few years of retirement… reminds me of stores re nfl players going brine post retirement since they nEver managed money carefully
  5. So in the last 24 hours: 1) Hassan Ali has found out that he is Shia 2) Hassan Ali’s wife has found out that she has a biplolar personality operating her Twitter account 3) an Indian who masqueraded as a Pakistani has been arrested for rape threats to Kohli’s daughter
  6. This is a fake account. the desperation of some Indians smh..
  7. Even Hasan Ali finding out today that he is Shia. And funny thing is that he is finding this out from Indian right wing
  8. If you follow Indian Twitter you would think india actually won the game today.
  9. Sense bhi nahi and logic bhi nahi. you weren’t able to figure out what that word meant? Actually that explains your posts haha
  10. He may not be in form but he’s played some of the most GOAT hands in Indian cricket history both as batsman AND captain. his name will forever be etched Indian cricket history to win a series in Australia without an asterisk in the win
  11. Sachin himself was bunny of Anderson. What advice can he even give
  12. This is humiliating to see. BCCI was being haughty about being able to hold this without repercussions and now are left with egg on their faces. heads must roll
  13. to start with; the hundreds of tests being wasted daily on these IPL prima donnas. Country has shortage of testing kits
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