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  1. This is what hubris looks like. The failure of this year’s IPL highlights the aggrandisement India’s most powerful and wealthy take from cricket’s spotlight regardless of the dangers. The assurances from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the country had “saved the world” from the tragedy of COVID-19 and the subsequent claims by IPL officials that their team bubbles were virus safe seem ridiculous now. Modi is a leader who, in the tradition of Donald Trump’s worst excesses, encouraged unmasked mass political rallies and religious gatherings. Like Trump, Modi put mass
  2. Tell me how the Western media is showing fake pictures, fake news, malicious reporting and is biased? So what you are saying is only the bought and paid media in India is the only one telling the truth? I voted for the BJP and I regret it now. My family are suffering, my cousin has COVID and my family had to try and get her into hospital they were searching everywhere for a bed, finally when they did get a bed in a hospital after hours of looking, they were told to go buy her a oxygen cylinder. So tell me how is the western media lying, biased and all the other crap you have said. I am sorry b
  3. Looks like it was Reuters. EXCLUSIVE Scientists say India government ignored warnings amid coronavirus surge | Reuters
  4. I am sorry to all Indians who are suffering in India, I am devastated. I have family in India and I worry every day, my cousin has COVID she has tried to get admission into a few hospitals and they turned her away. Lucky my family managed to get her into a hospital and a bed and managed to find her some oxygen after hours of searching, but this oxygen will only last a few hours, I hope that is enough as she is young and was pretty fit, this is devastating for everyone.
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