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  1. Actually having Jordan at 10 actually helps, if you saw last match vs Pakistan our team would have lost the match if we would have left 8 runs for our tailenders. Batting depth helps a lot in t20, you can't deny that.
  2. Bhai in these conditions our batsman are struggling against these no name spinners, Shakib and Mehdi Hasan would definitely create more problems on bangladeshi pitches which are more spin friendly also Mustafiz with his off cutters is way better than all these SriLankan pacers. Now compare their batsman with Sri Lanka Tamim, Liton, Shakib, Mushi, Mahmudullah, Soumya their batting is way more dangerous.
  3. Yeah that's why I said, a series against Bangaldesh in Bangladesh could have been challenging
  4. Pandya's spin playing ability has gone down in the last couple of years, earlier he used to smash spinners for fun
  5. I had much higher expectations from this team, according to me this team won't be able to beat even a full strength srilanka. Even bangladesh will in Bangladesh will present a big challenge to this team, talent is there but temperament is lacking. All of them look like t20 players. But yeah I am quite sure they can compete with mid ranked teams in t20s.
  6. Oh okay, just saw that Rahane averages 53 in SA jeez, Kohli is absolutely clueless. Lol
  7. How was that a disastrous call? If only he would have not called him back, I would have loved it Pujara and Rahane should be dropped
  8. Backing Vince didn't yield any rewards, he failed spectacularly in world cup when they needed a replacement for Roy.
  9. This might be Samson's first odi but sorry I have seen enough of him in t20is and Ipl to form an opinion about him, his list A stats also reveal a lot. This guy is just too inconsistent and a mental midget.
  10. If Rahul Dravid is actually a man of his words he should give chances to all those players who haven't played yet : Shaw Devdutt Kishan Surya Samson(or Rana if he's injured) H Pandya (Cap) K Pandya D Chahar Saini R Chahar Chakravarty/Sakaria
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