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  1. Will play and see where it goes. I’ll release only Chawla i can pick him back right in case other options are gone by my turn?
  2. I am against this release concept so will not participate in it. It defies the concept of an auction after having initial set of rules and players picked based on min 30 games. Teams strategize around those rules and pools of players available based on 30 game minimum. In real IPL auction, you don’t get to pick a team and then immediately release players, change the rules and get to pick new players
  3. High standards in not qualifying for playoffs two seasons in a row
  4. That’s all good but not good enough to be classified a bowling all rounder imo
  5. Btw Siraj is vastly overrated in T20 and has never been a reliable ipl bowler besides one or two spells each season
  6. Siraj yes shami not so given shamis recent uptick
  7. Averages 7.7 at strike rate of 120 thats not even bits and pieces thats a tailender tbh
  8. Shardul is not yet an IPL level all rounder
  9. Team is more than partially responsible for their players behavior
  10. Exactly. A terrible leader who embraced a team culture of bullying and coercing and keeping things shush with $$$$. Tendiya is still associated with the franchise so should come out even now and make a statement or else one will assume he was deeply involved and knew about it
  11. Mumbai should be investigated thoroughly. There is no place for bullying in IPL and brings brand value down. iPL should be concerned that this has been swept under carpet for so long
  12. Rotten culture and embarrassing for mumbai. Two things to note 1. 2011 was during tendiya captaincy. If he had an ounce of dignity, Sachin would issue a statement since he is still associated with the franchise 2. ambani hush shush money I’m sure was used to keep things quiet. They should be investigated for all the other stuff they’ve hidden over years with money
  13. Symonds and Franklin tied him up overnight when they were in Mumbai
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