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  1. They get away with chucking like hafeez
  2. Didn’t Guptill play for Mumbai too? looks like Rohit Sharma influence Simmons and Guptill. If QDk played he would tuk tuk too
  3. Another guy who will become a freelance T20 guy
  4. Do not give these low lives a single rupee by playing them you’re indirectly funding their mafia and terrorism
  5. Because they tend to end up crap in T20 like umesh or varun aaron or vrv singh or parwinder awana or even prasidh
  6. We will have many more entrants into tuk tuk Sharma school pathetic batsman needs to be dropped and Ishan open
  7. Afg have Nabi Guldabin and Karim janat Even Rashid Khan can bat better than our 8-11 yesterday
  8. I trust him. We were college roommates for 3 years and hung out almost everyday…
  9. Rutu KL (Faf) Kohli (Uthappam) V Iyer (Mo) surya (Raydud) Pant (MSD) jadeja Harshal (Bravo) shardul D chahar Bumrah (hazelwood)
  10. Adani first son told me they were interested but had a limit
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