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  1. Oh please. Ashwin bows with a perfect straight arm . Hes not a serial cheat like Hafeez.
  2. Comes across as a little too in-your-face but I suppose this generation of Indian cricketers, Pujara apart, are all a bit reactionary - Kohli, Ash etc.
  3. I wouldn't even take a moral high ground regarding this. Dirty geo-strategic games are played by all. Problem is the pomposity and the arrogance of Pakistanis who believe in their own hype. The Land of the Pure? You literally did the dirty work for the Yanks and the Saudis for decades and now you are China's slave. If it weren't for nukes you would have been reduced to the same state as your western neighbour
  4. Funny how Pak nitwits blame BCCI and even NZC when the most duplicitous board that is ECB is given a free pass by all and sundry. ECB would call and PCB would go running and toured in 2016, 2017 (CT), 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 and made plenty for ECB( in no small part thanks to a few Brit Pak buffoons as well) but ECB didn't tour even once and now have cancelled this short trip as well. The best part is ECB took friggin 72 hours to maje up their minds apparently and have softened their statement by implying that Covid is an issue as well :)))
  5. They are completely delusional. They don't have a grasp of reality and how small and insignificant a nation they are. A client state that is only fit for doing a big power's bidding.
  6. Posters on PP have completely lost it. Threatening Nz with consequences. Forgotten that China does not play cricket. :))
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