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  1. In other news, Steve Smith's average dropped below 60.
  2. ICC has a close that you cannot accuse a board, but there's no such close for broadcaster separately. That's what the match refree Pycroft said. Logically though, blaming a board or broadcaster is hardly different. So the refree officially warned the team to not repeat this incident.
  3. India Pant Bumrah Ashwin (Maybe) Kohli Australia Smith Cummins England Root Pakistan Rizwan New Zealand Williamson Wagner Boult Watling South Africa Rabada Bangladesh Almost everyone Zimbabwe • Muzarabani
  4. I hate such posts. If we win, you will not let it bump. If we lose, uh I told u earlier. The probability is 50-50 assuming there are only a few drawn tests. Okay, let's assume we lose this. So what. What's the point of predicting in middle of a series. The same team won in Lords after looking down and out. In match thread, people are talking about how Bumrah is a choker despite him (almost) winning a series in England's. Every match and every spell gets scrutinized unnecessarily.
  5. I am not comparing. But having someone like Bumrah who can turn a match any moment is a luxury. He will fail sometimes, but that's why we play five bowlers. No issues with it.
  6. Performed in 4 matches on a trot in England. And now first test in South Africa. LOL! at goes missing far too often. 4:1 of good:bad matches type of bowler, I will take it with closed eyes.
  7. You started it. Why are you tagging rkt? "Had the cheek to say", well, isn't it true?
  8. Telling you again. Rangeelaraja is troll voting my every post for no reason. Warn him or ask him to remove them.
  9. Telling you again Sandeep. Rangeelaraja is troll voting all posts of mine. Tell him to remove them or warn him.
  10. There's nothing political about it. But that tweet has got nothing to do with his ideology. Many cricketers tweeted about coming to a solution 'amicably'. They all had similar structure. It was a planned move.
  11. @admin, sorry, couldn't write it on a separate thread. @sandeepsandeep A bot 'rangeelaraja' is troll voting my every post for no reason.
  12. Priyank Panchal is replacement? What happened to Easwaran? Wasn't he with team in England? Also scored vs. SA A.
  13. Or should we stick to test cricket. It's worst test team of the year.
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