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  1. Thanks for informing. Will do keep that in mind. I also came across a piece of article that details on how to watch t20 world cup online from anywhere in the world, what are your thoughts on this? I mean is this worth opting for? I mean is the information provided accurate?
  2. Thanks for the advice. Ill try getting a subscription for that. Meanwhile, I did a bit of research and stumbled upon a blog that explains how one can watch T20 World Cup online from anywhere in the world. They also mentioned getting a subscription of getting Willow TV.
  3. Hello Everybody, I am Timado, a South American living in the US, and a hardcore cricket fan. I know most of you would be confused by where I come and my interest in cricket but it is what it is. My question to all of you is how to watch t20 world cup if I am living in US? I know its happening in Dubai on the 17 and I dont know any US sports channel that would be covering it live, is there a way I can stream the world cup while living in the US?
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