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  1. surprised. No Pakistanis played in IPL, then how come Bend re
  2. The best meme of IPL is - Pakistani kids of cricket players asking their father - Why Pakistanis don't get to play in IPL? And response "If only we were Indians..."
  3. why do pak sar zameen waale pose as Indians? is it embarrassing to be known as a Pakistani? bending cant be so bad..eh
  4. Admiral General Aladin from Wadiya.....
  5. Arre Faak Sir Zameen Jandaar - Arabia song
  6. when it comes to speed, it is so pleasing that neighbours and their cricketers who boast about speed are watching IPL on 4g network speed. or may be 2G
  7. he is an ad where he says - yeh bat to mera hona chahiye. future batting star to mai hi hun. (This bat should be mine. I am the future batting star) andar daal le
  8. maangna hi hai to seedha WC maango. pehle east pakistan maanga fir cricket mein unke saath cheating kiya isne
  9. blasphemy to tab hi ho gayee jab religion ke naam pe country bana liya. yeh to after effects hain
  10. gastro doctors having a field day and month in Paxtan. isabgol shortage
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