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  1. DC are favorites to win it all now have the momentum big gAme players in Warner and marsh two good spinners winning mentality lord Shardul Thakur who won IPL just a few months back
  2. Why they sent Chahar ahead of Rabada? stupid think tank
  3. Darcy playing against his old team so got chip on his shoulder
  4. I don’t think both are good enough but of the two, Hari may be better suited
  5. Congrats dont go easy on RCB in last game. Tell Nehraji to takerveneve on them and kick them out of tournament
  6. Jaggi not good enough for IPL infact Hari Nishant is a better T20 player of the two. Jaggi probably higher avg but Hari will have better strike rate and more powerhitting
  7. Tuk tuk Sharma is worst without doubt. Led his team to 8 embarasing losses in a row and first team out of playoff contention half way into the season lets not even talk about his pathetic batting and lack of any intent
  8. So looks like anything from 7 wins to 9 wins can get you to playoffs obviously all dependent on many results
  9. Out but did his job and now can let the hitters slog
  10. What a player this Ash not as talented as others but keeps reinventing to stay relevant
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