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  1. Jadeja was a huge loss. Is he coming back this series?
  2. On low & flat pitches, sweeping is a low risk high reward shot. It does not allow spinners settle. On top of conventional sweep shots, poms are also playing reverse sweeps well. In england's second innings when root was sweeping at will, we responded with full protection on the leg side (fine leg, deep sq leg & deep mid wicket). But then root brings out the reverse sweep. We simply cannot cover both sweep & reverse sweep and have enough fielders near the bat. So how do you plan against sweeps & reverse sweeps? couple of thoughts We need t
  3. I thought our bowling was fine, Nadeem excepted. Our first innings is where we lost, day 3 was still good for batting. At least 2 of top 5 should have made hundreds. coming to the second test, given the short turn around and that we play back to back games in ahmedabad as well, it is imperative that we rotate our fast bowlers. Ishant rested, Siraj in Nadeem out, Axar / Kuldeep in Anyone know when Jadeja / Shami / Umesh are back?
  4. Kuldeep at lords. karn & nadeem, selection was correct but they failed to deliver
  5. you need to get on with the mantra here. any success is "despite" of Kohli. Every failure is because of Kohli. He single handedly turns world beaters to pathetic losers
  6. can never fault his work ethic or commitment.
  7. Our pitches have been very result oriented since the past few years. Not sure why TNCA had to go with a brand new curator. It would have been ok, if he had prepared some domestic Ranji pitches to gain experience. But the pandemic put paid to that.
  8. TBH, I don't think it is a good thing to have one captain for all 3 formats and Kohli is not the best test captain going around. But I don't see him being replaced, at least in tests, till a viable alternative is found, dont think Rahane is a viable long term option. Gill / Shaw / Agarwal could be the options couple of years down the track.
  9. yes, nothing to do with the pitch being flat or the opposition being good. all Kohli's fault. So by your logic, if we win it is because of the team. But if we lose it is because of Kohli
  10. England 320 all out. Bum rah and ishant to run amok. india 200/2
  11. again, any proof of the abuse or you just making up things again. questioning you does not make me a kohli cheer leader. couple of weeks ago most posters wanted rahane out of the team, now he is the messiah. what if rahane messes up next series? by all means criticise kohli or any other players, but don't abuse or make it personal and degenerate them. i dont believe that any player, past present or future, gives nothing less than 100% when representing India. Criticise their performance, but questioning their commitment, integrity or character is
  12. Do you even know what facts are? your thoughts are just that... not facts. Man we have some bitter fans, always have to put down someone, either current or past players. what the team achieved yesterday was magical and ethereal. yet instead of basking in their success, we have people bitching...
  13. you need time to prepare the pitch and the associated logistics. but why should the match move? we agreed to the conditions before and during the series. this is not a good look for us, need to man up and play where ever / when ever.
  14. They are. Anyone from sydney visiting queensland has to quarantine for 14 days. Anyone from sydney hotspots are not allowed in queensland.
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