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  1. Indian players and Bewda enjoy a good anal reaming! Can you blame them? Look at that beautiful thing ...
  2. Jackie Chan ki maa ki chod di do second mein!
  3. Now looking back, the actions look a bit comical and the acting pretty horrendous, but I was a huge fan of Bruce Lee and kung-fu & karate growing up.
  4. If you think that Trump does not want to be a dictator and the only reason he can't is we have stronger democratic judicial and legislative branches of governments than third world countries, then you fall in that unkil group.
  5. If the desi unkils are eating up his verbal diarrhea, then what's the point calling out the white Trumpers! Some people are just drawn to dictators and demagogues. Otherwise Hitler would not rule over the Third Reich and massacre millions of Jews. The German public bought his rhetoric and turned a blind eye.
  6. Trump is anti everyone. He is an extreme narcissist. He only cares about himself. If in that process some of his asskissers get benefit, it is just a side effect. I doubt he even cares about his wife or kids, except Ivanka who he wishes he could phuck!
  7. Watch out @coffee_rules may be Prince Andrew behind the keyboard!
  8. Went to see Big Boss in a theater in Calcutta when I was a teenager. The theater used to screen B grade English movies in a poor Muslim neighborhood which was gang infested. Most of the audience did not understand a lick of English, just came for the fights and the sex. Bruce Lee movies were a big draw among the rickshaw and chai wallas. So we are watching a fight scene in Big Boss and the audience is revved up, and then suddenly the power goes out. The generators kick on and the theater lights come on, but the movie is interrupted. The crowd goes wild, yelling choice Bengali gallis at the projectionist. The guy in the row right in front of me gets so angry that he rips the cushion from his seat and throws it down the aisle. Then, as suddenly as the power went out, it came back. The theater lights dimmed and the movie was back on. But the idiot in front of me now does not have a seat to sit on. As he attempts to watch the movie standing, not only did he had gallis hurled at him, but I noticed a couple of chappals whizz past my ears towards him. Poor chap was forced to watch the rest of the movie sitting on a hard seat frame squirming frequently. He must have had a sore auss for the rest of the day. Oh man, there are some days in your life you will always remember and this was one of those!
  9. This thread has transformed into a dictator ausshole licking one!
  10. Lagta hain Khansab ke saath saath yeh Afretard Pathan bhi kaali dal ragad rahaa hain!
  11. Isko China border mein deploy kar ko. Yudh karega Thala!
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