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  1. Indian media writes headline without any video or audio proof yet fans on here going gaga.
  2. Smart cricketer and a terrific athlete. Ugly on the eye at times but can be effective. Can see why team management keep him around.
  3. Pathetic. Boring. Yeh yeh be quiet haters, this is calm and calculated stuff.
  4. Fastest left arm spinner to 200 wickets is not a proper spinner, okay lol
  5. Kohli doing keeper throw downs for Pant in the warm ups. I guess he must be throwing the ball extra hard to embarrass Pant in the warm ups and remove him from the team. Unbelievable captaincy.
  6. Hardik & Pant should be 4/5. Your two most explosive players must be given that responsibility.
  7. Should be a lesson for the Gill's and Shaw's of today. You can fall away in the blink of an eye so you better put in the hard yards.
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