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  1. Pehle apne gareban me jhako. Our pm has been an accused of genocide.
  2. Compare per capita income of both countries as well
  3. This is not an Anti Bjp thread. I think both Cong and BJP failed to curb oil prices. But i am surprised that this is not an issue for most nowadays (although it was big one during cong term) .
  4. I really liked You, The last kindom, Line of Duty, Money Heist and Upload in netflix. Kindly recommend some good shows in recent times in Netflix or Amazon.
  5. Blind faith only harms the leader and the nation. Today, yes men and sycophants probably surround Modi, like they do any powerful leader. Few people working under Modi would have the guts to tell him he is wrong. It is from his critics that he will get to know where he could be going wrong and how to course-correct. This will then enable the best policies for India. Considering our opposition is in pathetic shape, it is these independent, critical yet constructive voices that can really add value to Modi and to India. Blind fans, who don’t even mind an emergency and are ready to abuse and bully anyone who mentions anything remotely critical of Modi, are frankly quite useless — to Modi as well as to nation-building.
  6. I agree with you. Salman khan deliberately sabotaged Vivek oberoi career. However not sure this was the case here.
  7. Living in History will ruin future of your children. This government is dragging this country towards civil war.
  8. When you have government who does not know how to take economy on growth path, meet aspirations of educated youth, educate vast majority of uneducated and make economy comparable to the best in the world, you keep on doing these kind of destructive things to appear to be doing something like demo, botched up GST,Kashmir. When you have incompetent government its starts competing with weak neighbours instead of Norway and Luxembourg. Its government of illterates by illiterates in cow belt.
  9. All indian news channels are asslickers. Worst media in world.
  10. इस बार दंगे हुए तो सबसे पहले मीडिया हाउस और उनके मालिकों की दुकानें बर्बाद होनी चाहिए। टैब पता चलेगा इन हरामखोरो को। की किसी का सब कुछ लुट जाने के बाद कैसा लगता है।
  11. MODI Andbhakts logic to all indian problems:: Hindu rashtra ki baat karo. Economy to upar niche hoti rahegi. Ek do hazaar log bhuke maar bhi jayee to kya farak padta hai. Hamare jawan bhi to siyachen me mar rahe hai.
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