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  1. Chuck* I don't ever remember him being a bowler.
  2. You might as well produce super-flat decks in Tests and call them "fine" too if you are going to call these pitches fine. These are pathetic pitches for a premier T20 tournament. Makes for an appalling viewing to say the least.
  3. Bumrah trundling in the early 130s tonight. It's his first game after a while. So this is understandable.
  4. I know I'm repeating this, but those cricket sub-reddit clowns actually perma-banned me for calling out Kohli's 80 in the final T20, and taking on his troll army in one of the post-match threads. I know exactly what you mean. :p
  5. Nissanka has a highly compact defense. Brilliant, boy!
  6. Don't pitch it up, Prasidh. These aren't the Indian openers.
  7. Dhawan was sensational today. ODI innings straight out of 2001.
  8. Unless Kohli plays the 2021 brand of PP batting at the top, ping me only when 2 wickets are down, and Kohli is in the dugout. I'm not looking forward to more disgusting 29 of 28 kind of starts from Kohli. On a related note, I said this (and a few related comments), invited Koach's shameless troll army, gave them back what they threw, and ultimately ended up getting banned from the cricket subreddit. Some of our popular .. um, "non fans" of Kohli's need to check out the quantity of his cheerleaders there, and the low-quality of their posts. :p
  9. The rules are relevant for his last contact before the catch automatically rules that a six.
  10. Are we watching the same player? Pant has one of the tightest techniques going around. It's just that there are other things such as his hand-eye, and an expansive stroke-array built on that defense too.
  11. Kohli may or may not be in a terminal decline, but I doubt he's an age-fudger. He started aging significantly only since he took over the captaincy role. The stress, perhaps.
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