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  1. Pujara last scored a ton at home in 2017! Correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Relax guys. The OP would want India to win if Kohli comes out and says certain people should be lynched and that Savarna pride is warranted. It's how it works.
  3. True. Zaheer in his peak could do it at such pace too.
  4. You're referring to 3 percent of Tamil Nadu"s population. Most of us eat meat, and a lot of us here eat beef. The more we produce/train and select cricketers also outside of Mylapor, the better it would be.
  5. Ashwin was masterful in 2018, first game. Then he picked up an injury. He outbowled Llyon earlier this year, and was better than even the likes of Bumrah on that rain-hit greenish track in the WTC final.
  6. Ashwin isn't the best batsman you can have, but if you're going to be rigid with this appallingly bad middle order, you might as well go with Ashwin -- who's a slightly better batsman than the latest versions of these MO batsman, and at this stage of his career, an elite spinner who can also take the pitch out of the equation.
  7. Peak vs peak, Djokovic trumps them all. With a positive h2h against both Nadal and Federer, the 19-slam-winning Djokovic -- with a career Slam done twice along with at least two of each Masters -- also happens to be by far the most dominant player of the last decade. In fact, he's the most dominant player of all time with the most weeks spent at no.1 than anybody else (including Federer whom he beat recently here).
  8. It looks sadistic to have a circus going on, but the circus being stopped isn't going to provide Oxygen to those dying. Let it be.
  9. Chuck* I don't ever remember him being a bowler.
  10. You might as well produce super-flat decks in Tests and call them "fine" too if you are going to call these pitches fine. These are pathetic pitches for a premier T20 tournament. Makes for an appalling viewing to say the least.
  11. Bumrah trundling in the early 130s tonight. It's his first game after a while. So this is understandable.
  12. I know I'm repeating this, but those cricket sub-reddit clowns actually perma-banned me for calling out Kohli's 80 in the final T20, and taking on his troll army in one of the post-match threads. I know exactly what you mean. :p
  13. Nissanka has a highly compact defense. Brilliant, boy!
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