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  1. Maybe Prithvi. Pant not superstar material. Good enough to tonk a few in IPL.
  2. Embarrassing to lose to a country with a population of 5 million. Cricket isn't even their first game.
  3. Surprise? That would be Sanju Manju coming out of retirement to play at 4 at the World Cup.
  4. They came across as extremely immature. Can't recall how many times Pandya bragged about the fact that he was just 9th pass.
  5. Any 3 person Aussies pace attack in the McGrath era (with McGrath being one of the three) >> Starc, Hazlewood, Cummins. That good was McGrath.
  6. There are many chinks in the Indian armor hidden by a very mediocre Australian team. The team is getting overhyped. Defeating England and South Africa in the respective countries would be more meaningful than defeating the current Aussie team in Australia.
  7. It was a stupid "joke". Prompted by the fact that Kerry was finding it hard to pronounce Jadeja.
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