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  1. My opinion on dravid is more or less settled on: Overrated test batsman, underrated one day batsman. I don't think he was as good a test batsman as he's given credit for. He never had any outstanding performances against the best bowling attacks. The closest being the 180 vs Australia at eden gardens, supporting Laxman's 281, which is the greatest test match innings ever (my opinion). The fact that his best innings was him playing second fiddle (or a supporting role) says everything about him. I'm biased towards 'attacking' batsmen; the ones who could dominate good bowlers, force them to change their line and length, and lead partnerships. Dravid didn't do that, he was more of a partnership builder who'd occupy the crease, survive good spells and rotate strike. His game was less about scoring, and more about not getting out. Valuable certainly, but not strongly impactful. I'd consider virender sehwag to be more 'impactful'. He could wipe out leads almost singlehandedly, and dominated good bowlers (like muralitharan) by forcing them to change their plans. His game prioritized run scoring over wicket protection, which allowed him to impact games in a much stronger way. A sehwag innings would change the course of a game and position india for victory, whereas a dravid innings would ensure india doesn't lose. Big difference. Dravid gets too much respect because his best test series were away from home (England 2002, 2011, australia 2003-4, etc). Indian cricket 'observers' or critics, had the habit of over-valuing overseas performances, while forgetting that most of india's relevant cricket was (and still is) played at home. In subcontinent test matches, i always thought he was no better than india's 4th best batsman, behind tendulkar, sehwag, and laxman. He became an outstanding one day batsman, at least for that era. He happened to be india's BEST ODI batsman for a while (2004-2007). But for some reason, he isn't a consensus choice in an all time Indian XI. And rightly so. World cup exit in the first round is an absolute disaster. A test series win - even if it happens away from home - is inconsequential.
  2. I'm not sure this movie qualifies as horror...
  3. Interesting list. What do all these countries have in common... (Turkey is really nice, btw)
  4. That's what i was thinking as well. Earlier, immigrants - or actually, the right word is probably emigrants - from india, were of the upper class. very well educated, wealthy, etc. Today's indian worker is from a small town in andhra pradesh, sharing a tiny room with 5 other men in an old house. I'm not sure what these people do that's so special. Probably just cheap labor for american tech companies. you make more money than you would in india, but the cost of living is also higher, so how much do you really save? Many of these guys leave their wives/kids behind in india. It's such a sh*t way to live life.
  5. I was about 50/50 on you throwing up a satyajit ray movie. You didn't disappoint.
  6. Fair enough. i thought we were judging by higher standards
  7. China claims territory in a hundred different places--> https://www.bloomberg.com/quicktake/territorial-disputes What they claim is irrelevant. There's very little to discuss here, if we're being honest. I know that doesn't sound 'interesting' to the TV watching aam junta and wannabe experts, but its true. The only thing i learned from this thread is that:
  8. "You have to understand the terrain!!"......says an American desi software engineer living in New jersey... Come on, you have to be dead NOT to see the humor in this. If somebody spoke to me like this in real life, i would think they're slightly insane. THAT is provocative. Only on anonymous internet forums, can people pretend to be experts on subjects they have zero knowledge of. At least you stopped giving medical advice...
  9. How does cricinfo look to you guys now? I haven't visited cricinfo in years. I migrated to cricbuzz a long time ago. I found the website easier on the eyes, the scorecard/ball by ball easily accessible (not to mention faster), the articles shorter and better written, with a good complement of audio-visual content on the right hand side and within the commentary. They also had a good youtube presence, with a competent panel. Cricinfo, i always felt, had too many long-form articles written by narrow-minded pseudo-intellectuals who weren't near anywhere as clever as they thought. Somebody here mentioned jarrod kimber, i personally blame him (actually, i don't...but i gotta blame someone!) for ruining cricinfo. It's not entirely unfair. He was one of the 'main guys' and would go on to amass a huge following. His writing style - best described as 'inane story telling' - three stars in between and everything - seemingly became an unofficial standard, and many started copying it. Most indians in the english language media space have nothing original to say, and look to the west for their 'impartiality' and inspiration because they're incapable of thinking for themselves (hi, sid monga!) In their defense, they aren't native speakers, nor are they encouraged to think critically. And unfortunately, it shows - as their articles are clunky, lacking in structure and clarity, appearing very 'ESL'-like (english as a second language). A legion of wannabe-kimbers, creating walls and walls of worthless gibberish that could only belong in some disappointed English tutor's waste-basket. All this while honorary angrez Sambit bal noddingly approves. Shabash. Kimber also has a personality that nobody other than middle aged australians and englishmen would find interesting. Cricinfo failed to create any engaging audio-visual content (their writers are too ugly and un-charismatic, for starters) and they were very late to the podcasting game. They never created any interesting personalities who could anchor a show, lead a discussion and contribute original insight on the game. I suspect that they made the mistake of looking at cricket from the same perspective as the ECB and cricket australia - the two boards currently fighting to protect the sacred heritage of 'TESS CRICKET' from the evil, corrupt BCCI. All for the good of the game, of course. Strangely, cricinfo is still populated by many of the same old crusty looking f***s who think 'test cricket' is the ultimate form of the game. Today's younger, more 'test-indifferent' cricket observer is nowhere to be found. This makes them incapable of appreciating the game's most interesting, most eagerly followed format, and it also makes them incapable of discussing the biggest cricket tournament in the world with the enthusiasm that it deserves. Worst of all, they are incapable of actually connecting with the next generation of cricket fans, who will undoubtedly be turned off by the rotten corpse that is Ian chappell's internet presence. I also found it strange how many of cricinfo's daring "anti-establishment" critics couldn't realize that their boring, unengaging and mediocre coverage was at least - partly responsible - for the rapid, uncontrolled evolution of the game from a 5 day long past-time to a 40 over slogfest. Because after all...a sport is only as interesting...as its coverage.
  10. I'm surprised to see a bob woodward book on the shelf. Amazing. If he was indian, the congress party would have had him killed. lol I think they've given up on winning the next 2 elections. They're investing in the future, waiting for those teenagers on dhruv rathee's youtube channel to grow up and become politically active. Social media will eventually level the playing field, because there's far too much pro-BJP content on cable TV.
  11. That's good to hear. The days of 'brain drain' are slowly coming to an end. I still don't understand what an H1B does in america that he can't do at an office in india?
  12. Time to boycott IPL!!!!!!!!!!!111 On a serious note, the sheer stupidity of the indian public never ceases to amaze me. Forget everything, invest in EDUCATION. Since you're the wannabe economist here, what % of india's GDP is spent on education? @G_B_
  13. LOL, you're an AMERICAN citizen... Bored NRI uncles really are the lamest breed of humans...
  14. By the way, i just learned that this guy founded cricketnext. He should handle BCCI's PR!!!!
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