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  1. Felt a pretty strong tremor here in delhi, just a minutes ago. The 2nd one in recent weeks.
  2. Nabi warms the bench in IPL. Stokes is good in international, but yeah...that was more of a 'potential' pick. We know he's a good all-rounder though. Maxwell is mediocre. Can't blame the pitches when everyone else is scoring on them.
  3. Cricket australia begging for Indian TV money to save them.
  4. In delhi, everything is open as usual. Not as much traffic, many people are staying home, and some businesses are strictly delivery only. But the lockdown has completely passed. Only thing left is resumption of public transport, which will probably start on the 31st I'm not very happy about this.
  5. You don't know if ANY of these people are indians. They most likely aren't. Most Indians have zero interest in discussing pakistani cricket. You have to understand something about pakpassion, NRI and pakistani communities online: 1. Pakpassion is not pakistani. They're a british website, run by british people. 2. Pakpassion's members are not pakistani, they are 'british asian'. In other words, they were born and raised in the UK, but their families are from pakistan. 3. Britain is a feudalistic, class-based society. British asians are the lowest caste of british society. Pakistanis came to the UK in the 50s and 60s to work as cheap labor. They worked in the factories and mills. They opened up little corner shops and drove taxis. Because they were from poor backgrounds, their transition to british society was a difficult one. They lived in segregated neighborhoods - still the case today - isolated from the rest of the british population. They achieved very little social mobility, and very little generational wealth was passed down. Most british asians - especially of pakistani and bangladeshi descent - are poor. 4. Britain, and the british political establishment, treat 'british asians' as second class citizens. Most 'british asians' are poor, and their sense of isolation makes them romanticize their parent's homeland. Which is why websites like 'pakpassion' exist. Those are british asians from poor families, looking for a sense of identity and community in a country where they are perpetual foreigners and second class citizens. If british asians were assimilated - like the irish eventually were - they would be supporting england at cricket, and they wouldn't give a **** about pakistan. pakpassion would not exist. Whenever you read something from NRIs - whether they are pakistani, indian, whatever - remember that you're probably reading the opinion of someone who's father worked as a taxi driver or a cornershop owner. Somebody of low class. Somebody who knows nothing about the subcontinent, and is currently suffering from an 'identity crisis' as a second class citizen of a western country. These people will never be anything more than a very tiny minority. And they themselves know this. So there's no point in you guys giving them any kind of importance. Eventually, they will grow up and learn to accept their lives as second class citizens in the west. Their interest in subcontinent politics is a 'phase', a fad, a passing interest...and nothing more.
  6. I don't disagree with some of what you're saying, but to claim that 'breaking india forces' are stronger is a false claim. Those forces are little more than political activism from foreign countries. When you talk about foreign funded mosques, churches and NGOs - remember that their activities were cleared by the supreme court of india: https://www.indiancricketfans.com/forums/topic/118166-supreme-court-allows-foreign-funding-for-political-organizations-is-india-even-independent/?tab=comments#comment-4084688 Also remember that the BJP itself, relies HEAVILY on foreign donations. Many temple projects, schools and political campaigns are foreign funded. Foreign interference is difficult to fight against - you have to give other countries 'something' in return. Saudi arabia recently stopped funding mosques and jamaatis in india because Reliance allowed ARAMCO to buy a stake in it's oil business. That's politics for you, give and take. https://www.deccanherald.com/business/business-news/reliance-teams-with-saudi-aramco-in-biggest-fdi-deal-753789.html Suddenly, saudi arabia stops giving a **** about kashmir, and doesn't even acknowledge pakistan's attempt to 'internationalize' kashmir. We also 'bought' a friend in UAE on similar terms. Chinese funded NGOs are causing trouble in the north-east; as we occasionally see separatist activism and demonstrations in nagaland, arunachal, etc. Guess what? if you have better diplomatic ties with china, those people will disappear. America's evangelical christians wouldn't be attempting 'demographic change' in south india if American companies were given greater access, less regulation and tax relief. That's the reality.
  7. Unauthorised cow slaughter should be punishable by death. Cattle theft should be punishable by death. Problem solved. Will never happen though. But its easy to justify it on grounds of protecting animals and farmers' livelihoods.
  8. No it isn't. The average indian isnt a separatist. you're focusing on a very small group of insignificant people, who also happen to have the loudest voice. the opinions on NDTV or 'the hindu' don't represent india, not even close. They are foreign-born 'desis', or just foreigners. They aren't indians. You know those UK or canada-born 'punjabis' and 'muslims' who protest outside Indian embassies? That's probably who these people are. 75% of the traffic on r/india is from outside india: https://www.reddit.com/r/indiadiscussion/comments/8mtho0/breaking_news_reddits_traffic_data_reveals_around/
  9. Bear in mind that much of the traffic on reddit is 'created' by marketing companies working on behalf of their clients. So you have plenty of fake, or alt accounts upvoting threads and posts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SAkUs3urrg Most of 'r/india' isn't even indian. There's probably about 100 users with a handful of alts controlling all the discussion.
  10. It isn't anti-india content, it's pro-congress party content. English language (or western) internet platforms magnify the 'unheard', neglected, minority opinions within India. Most 'pro india' content is all over mainstream indian media - zee, republic, indiatv, etc. - so many of these minority opinions get very little space. Congress is trying to target the next generation of 'educated', english-speaking elites, the ones more likely to use western internet platforms like reddit and twitter. The predominantly western platforms - like reddit - provide a place of refuge for india's opposition parties. You'll see a lot of discussion around topics pushed by foreign funded websites and congress party mouthpieces (like the national herald). Twitter india was promoting congress party political campaigns during the election: https://i.ibb.co/2c8SwKJ/twindiacong.jpg https://i.ibb.co/8mJSZVp/twindiacong2.jpg Western social media platforms are committed to maintaining 'democracy' in india, and the easiest way to do that is by giving space to india's opposition on their digital space. You'll see more pro-congress opinions all over facebook and instagram as well. Like i said in the other thread, india should have its own social media. Then you won't have to complain about reddit, twitter or any other western platform's editorial guidelines.
  11. Cricket enjoys strong public interest in england, its the vestige of the elites. The point is that test cricket looks completely out of place in today's society. And the imperialistic history is one of the lesser discussed aspects of the game. The game is essentially a colonial relic. By the way, england and australia still control the sport. BCCI has worked its way into holding a very powerful veto, but that's about it. Shouldn't that change in the future? I'd prefer a BCCI run cricket federation over the present day england and australian-led ICC.
  12. It's anushka's own production. i don't think it will do very well, to be honest. The hinduphobic stuff is never for a mainstream audience.
  13. That's fair. i probably should have included watson in the poll.
  14. Sure, but Volkswagen and german companies publicly accepted wrong-doing, issued apologies and donated millions to jewish welfare organizations. The british, on the other hand, are extremely proud of their empire, and they frequently tell you savages to be grateful for the 'gifts' of democracy, secularism and british law. And the railroads. always remember the railroads.
  15. Gayle never won an IPL!!! Bangalore could build a great team around the karnataka boys - KL rahul, karun nair, agarwal and gautham. i'm sure those guys would love to play for RCB, and they would be really successful. Instead, they have to watch kohli building a mediocre team around himself and AB.
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