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  1. Forget batting skills, KKR bowlers showed extremely poor match awareness yesterday. Nagarkoti went for a glory shot in the first ball he faced, instead of turning the strike over to Cummins. Varun was calling no for the second instead of running in full tilt and got himself out. Prasidh did the same. At least one of them had used their brains, KKR might have won yesterday.
  2. I'd be surprised if MI reaches the playoffs this time with 5 matches in slow pitches of Chepauk. Anyway, even for a MI fan, it's too outlandish to expect us to win three times in a row.
  3. It was the same in Chennai as well. Not sure what's the difference in scanning a barcode from the ticket from scanning a QR code in mobile. When my local single screen theater could make it paperless, why not the richest board in the world can do it? People had to stand in line for hours and still returned empty handed without collecting the tickets they had already paid for.
  4. OK, I should have been more clear. I was talking about Ganguly's captaincy days especially. From 2000 to 2005, we had won only 3 finals (2 of them shared) and lost 9-10. I was comparing 90s team with that.
  5. It's not like we lost the finals only to Aus. We lost against NZ, SL & WI too.
  6. Tests we were definitely not up to the mark during 90s, won home series handsomely but piss poor performances abroad. In ODIs, I would say we punched above our weight. Used to win multinational tournaments often starting from Hero Cup 93. For all the famed winning mentality that was instilled in 2000, we won a grand total of 3 multinational tournaments, 2 of which are shared.
  7. Gary Kirsten helped Gambhir and other batsmen with millions of throwdowns. I saw him giving catch practice to the fielders during the innings break of Ind-WI WC match in Chennai. He himself was fit as a fiddle and could do all that without breaking a sweat. Compare him with the joker we currently have. What a farce!
  8. Probably he thinks being god level in batting means he doesn't have to focus on fielding etc. I've lost count of how many times he had dropped catches while reverse cupping.
  9. Got your point! What I meant is, ODI game has evolved so much, that the main batsman of the team can't play such risk-free cricket all the time. Especially when you miss someone like Rohit at the top. Kohli's game works when the other batsman take care of hitting and increase the scoring rate. This is how it was during Kohli's peak (2014-2017). Now the game has evolved so much where 350 is considered a chaseable target, but we are still stuck at scoring at 4.5 RPO for most part of the innings. He has been getting these less than run a ball 50's since WC '19, which he is failing t
  10. Finally, someone calling out Kohli's risk-free batting being detrimental to team's scoring rate. This approach ensures he gets some runs under his belt even when he is not in elements, but doesn't translate into bigger scores for his team since the batting revolves around him.
  11. What's with sponsor's font size is as big as India's? Looks ugly as *. Call me old school but I prefer the small logo in the chest being unobtrusive like in 90s. 1997 Jersey when we played in SA was awesome. They could have gone back to something like that.
  12. It was supposed to be Mumbai Razors Thanks Sachin for suggesting this name
  13. Yes, I've always liked his game since his Sydney 100, but he rarely plays that kind of innings which is a shame. After last match, I thought he would start hitting well in the remaining matches, but then he went back to his usual ways.
  14. Worst innings of this season. Easily! And Kohli makes an entry here with a 43 ball 50.
  15. No double meaning. Used to denote something as useless, not worth talking about.
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