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  1. I've noticed a concerted effort on his part on this tour to play a little more aggressive early in the innings. I'm sure mgmt has basically told him to NOT do the 10-runs-in-100-balls thing. And I consider that to be good advice. But that's clearly not working either. So playing at snail's pace ain't working and neither is playing with intent. So yeah, he indeed is DONE and barring something drastic happening, I don't see him being with the team for much longer.
  2. He's been a major thorn in India's side. That would be the only reason anyone would dislike him. He was pretty much THE difference between the 2 teams when India came here in 2018. Saved England from a bunch of shaky situations with his bat. Had an annoying little cameo on Day 1 too. India just has a really hard time getting him out.
  3. As long as India can bat out 1 session tomorrow, they have a good shot at drawing this Test. Given what happened in Australia, England won't feel comfortable setting anything less than 450 to chase. That means they'll bat most of Day 4. India can survive 1 day.
  4. They ARE uploading full-day replays on hotstar an hour after the day's end. So all in all, a worthy purchase for me.
  5. Hmmmm I just subscribed to the app and do notice that they have full replays of quite a few matches. Any particular reason why they won't do that for this Test series?
  6. That's a huge downer. I live on the east coast so the match itself starts at 10 pm here. With no replay, don't even see the point of paying $50 bucks for hotstar just to watch a few highlights.
  7. Can you stream the match on hotstar even after the day is over with or can you only watch it live?
  8. Willow isn't televising it. How are you guy watching the series then....
  9. Anyone know who's televising this series in USA? I don't see it listed on willow.
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