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  1. Another logic error. So Sams the no name can replace Roy a batsmen but Malan can't replace Sams cause he's an allrounder
  2. If he was Australian, He would have been a million dollar buy in IPL
  3. SA will soon become WI, Zimbabwe. NZ and England must be licking their lips after the new announcement of quota system which means that only 4 whites will be allowed in playing XI next WC. Things are getting bad for SA.
  4. Quota failing in SA again. Other than Rabada, they don't have a single good or world class black player. How is Bavuma playing in a T20? and Ngidi I am still not sure how CSK keeps on picking him? Just bc of his name?
  5. Look at this and Khadim Hussains death thread on PP. It has really become a very extremist and right wing forum which is very dangerous
  6. Really interested to see Pakistans line up here
  7. So Raza dropped a sitter but took a banger when its almost lost
  8. Zimbabwe best players since ages been white players and a lot of them leave the sport for greener pastures. Now wonder how many more talented white Zimbabweans players they would be
  9. Imagine your first string team concedes 280 against Zimboks who have not played in 8 months but PSL's bowling standard is still better than IPLs
  10. Well this is the mindset of a common Muslim.
  11. Muslims on SM and in general have made it about themselves. Completely ignoring that a guy was beheaded in broad daylight. Victimization at its best.
  12. These crimes are committed by Hindus too in India. Not that surprising. People do watch Crime Patrol. I blame BW which has instilled in young peoples mind that love is the most important thing in the world which makes people desperate.
  13. Look at the PP thread, most of them are so called educated Muslims.
  14. Have they gone mad? This is some serious victim blaming going on and it's surprising that British Muslims are also behind this useless trend
  15. It's a failure of UK govt. How tf they allowed Brit Pakistani to be so radicalized? Pakistanis who are first gen immigrants are much more liberal than them
  16. cricinfo pe alag hi script hai https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8048/game/1216517/mumbai-indians-vs-kings-xi-punjab-36th-match-indian-premier-league-2020-21
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