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  1. Same data for Indian Spinners in T20. Yuzi and Gopal are the top 2 followed by Kuldeep.
  2. CricViz rates Sandeep Sharma and Siddharth Kaul as our 3rd and 4th best T20 pacers. Their rating system doesn't rate Thakur, Ahmed, or especially Shami very well...
  3. I agree with that. The University I am at currently threw a Holi celebration sponsored by South Asian Students Org, and the president of that org said that Holi has nothing to do with religion. It's just a South Asian color throwing festival However, I think it is usually them appropriating/stealing Hinduism as South Asian. I think that it is a problem within India as well. Those who claim that things like Yoga has nothing to do with religion or some Bengali leftists who claim that Durgo Pujo isn't a religious event.
  4. I meant to say speech, I made a typo... The speech was cringe-worthy. I stand by that. Regarding your example: nothing about my identity has to do with samosa. Yoga is part of Hinduism. Samosa is some food I don't even like. They aren't part of any identity I care about. It's laughable to compare the two, IMO.
  5. Supporters of a dying ideology, which has been subverted by leftists, whose fundamentals have been disproven as untrue. The only true part of the ideology,that which is supported by data, free market economics, is the part of the ideology self-proclaimed liberals love to bash the most.
  6. Thanks, Did he have any particular weakness that he corrected before now? Kohli only struggled with the short ball when he debuted in Windies; I remember Fidel Edwards was making him hop around that series. After he fixed that he was a good batsman from early on.
  7. That team is relatively weak and has too long a tail, IMO. Rahul doesn't deserve to be anywhere near the Test team based off of his career so far. He needs to fix his technique back in domestics and learn to defend. If we're not playing Pandya, then, depending on the pitch we should use a 6th batsman instead of Jadeja, probably Vihari who still gives a part-time spin option.
  8. If Jimmy gets some clouds he will still blow everyone away
  9. I agree with the sentiment, but the speak I find cringe-worthy
  10. Methinks you guys are hyping him a bit too much regarding scoring runs everywhere, granted I never watch the padosis play any matches so maybe the stats are lying but nothing he has done so far suggest world beater in Tests: Good batsman, but he hasn't done anything ground breaking Career summary Grouping Span Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 0 4s 6s in Australia 2016-2019 5 10 0 278 104 27.80 462 60.17 1 1 1 32 0 in England 2018-2020 2 3 1 142 69 71.00 246 57.72 0 2 0 21 0 in Ireland 2018-2018 1 2 0 73 59 36.50 139 52.51 0 1 0 11 0 in New Zealand 2016-2016 2 4 1 142 90* 47.33 308 46.10 0 1 0 16 0 in Pakistan 2019-2020 3 4 2 405 143 202.50 548 73.90 3 1 0 47 3 in South Africa 2018-2019 3 6 0 221 72 36.83 279 79.21 0 2 0 46 0 in U.A.E. 2016-2018 8 15 2 527 127* 40.53 1034 50.96 1 4 2 43 6 in West Indies 2017-2017 3 6 1 136 72 27.20 361 37.67 0 2 3 11 1
  11. I don't think it has anything to do with the underworld or ISI. One just has to visit his Instagram page to see how many padosis are drooling over him... He is maximizing his marketability. His wife rubbed off on him by making him do more nautanki for sure though. Chew wears his ring around his neck and kisses it after a century and has his wife appear during away tours with the team. The latter is low level corruption. Like only he has a wife among all the players, staff, coaches on the team.
  12. Good 2nd step! IIRC children need to learn at least 6 years in their MTs to maximize the benefits, so that is good. Last year the Centre started the process of having textbooks, including higher ed textbooks IIRC, translated into Indian languages. We will see what step 3 of this process is!
  13. Picking 3 different than Zen: no order Dravid 2011 England. One man army vs the #2 test side. The rest of the team folded. Pujara in Sri Lanka(although he only played one match in that series 2015). He gets replaced by Rohit but he gets a second life as an opener. He carries the bat to the next innings and arguably saves his test career. It was a green pitch as well. That innings will be a big milestone after his career is over. If he ends up an Indian great, then that innings will be the one that saved his career. If he ends up a mediocre player, that one will be an innings that set Indian cricket back a few years. Gambhir in NZ 2009, particularly Napier. We are leading the series 1-0 after the first test, but the 2nd test they have scored over 600. Gambhir plays over 400 balls when we are forced to follow on, making it impossible for NZ to win the test. We go on to draw the 3rd test as well and win a series in NZ. Gambhir basically denied NZ a drawn series in the 2nd match.
  14. England looks better placed upto and including the next World Cup in ODIs. The current top 3 for India will all be either on their last legs or dropped due to age-related decline by then. India will basically have to find at least 2-3 star caliber batsmen to replace Rohit/Dhawan/Kohli. Rahul has a good shot of replacing one of the openers. However, there are still 1-2 more needed. T20 is a marginally favours England because they know how to select different teams for different formats.. We don't use the IPL enough to pick players, and shove ODI players into the T20 team, otherwise we would be in a better position in that format. Tests, India. England will lose Anderson and Broad soon. That is 1000+ wickets to replace. Those two are the last remnants of their number 1 test side, which also won a series in India. Stokes looks like a superstar, but the rest of their team isn't exactly inspiring. Root is over-hyped thus far.
  15. https://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/records/batting/most_runs_career.html?id=12033;type=series Looks like Bevda reserved the advice for Kohli exclusively. Late night drinking sessions?
  16. Zak deserves an honorable mention for fast bowling, maybe over Shami as well, considering Shami doesn't bowl well in the death, while Zak does. Yuvi deserves a mention as an AR. He was Man of the Series in 2011, and his bowling was crucial then.
  17. Gearing this toward the WC makes it a pointless format. There are hardly that many cricket playing nations to make "top 7 qualify for the WC" meaningful. Also the gap between the 8th, 9th, 10th teams and the rest is so large, that they aren't in any danger of not qualifying. I rather see this league culminate in a series-based ODI tournament two years between the ODI WC which replaces the CT. Take the top 4 teams and make them play 3-game series SF and a 5-game series Final to determine the champion. This would make ODIs have two different trophies: a single elimination World Cup and a series based Trophy. ODIs need something to differentiate them more from T20s.
  18. Praise and criticism follow each other. The hype certain people created for him opened the door for the detractors as well. If someone claims he is a "once in a lifetime player" then people expect to see that. If they don't, they will react strongly. Add to that he followed in the footsteps of a cricket superstar like Dhoni, and its not hard to see why... A young player is better off like Shaw, hardly talked about with little hype or hate.
  19. I've heard people say we should be friendly with Iran because of our shared "Aryan" heritage The problem is that even though we have been helping fund Afghanistan's development post removal of the Taliban, having close ties with their government, helping train their soldiers, letting their cricketers train/play here, and even letting students from that country come to India to study, they have still basically caused an exodus of the Hindu and Sikh families from Afghanistan. There was an article I read a few years ago where the Dharmic families there in Afghanistan claimed that their lives got worse since the fall of the Taliban and institution of democracy there. We should maintain cordial relations for now with the government and whatever decent people are there, but that place will be backwards hell for the foreseeable future and IMO certain people shouldn't delude themselves into thinking in hyperbole about some sort of "brotherhood" with them. Use them for our interests as long as they are useful, and drop them from our consciousness when they are no longer useful to us. The same with the Baloch.
  20. The link Coffee_Rules posted is mostly true regarding the definition , but not entirely accurate, in terms of how people use it. https://www.opindia.com/2019/10/rayta-trad-and-everything-in-between-a-gentle-introduction-to-the-indian-non-left/ I'll just clarify some things:
  21. I don't know why, but Kuldeep reminds me of an evil mother in-law
  22. I think Tendulkar's, like all players, record will be more open to objective discussion in a decade or so when the people who grew up idolizing him phase out/become less dominant in the discourse. It seems to be a major trend across all the sports I follow, where a player is most staunchly defended by the people who grew up idolizing them, ie in BBall, all the 30-40+ fans/analysts all claim that MJ is the greatest basketball player to ever play, but people older than that group would say Bill Russell or KAJ and people younger say Kobe or Lebron. IMO everyone will always favour those who they grow up with.
  23. I don't see why people, especially Raytas, have so much love for Afghanistan, Balochistan, Iran, et al. I get we have a common enemy in Bakistan, but it's not like the people who live in those countries are particularly beneficial for us. The same, to a lesser extent, is with those people who are obsessed over Israel, to the extent of putting an Israeli flag in their twitter bios. Clown World.
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