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  1. Poor Rahul, this is where he wants to play, as an opener... He basically averages 50 as an opener in ODIs, although much of that was against Zimbabwe. Too many players all want the same spots in the team.
  2. We need to deport those who are against CAB, that will help to bring the overall country's population under control and will raise the overall quality of the population as well
  3. They will basically cite Article 14 of the constitution Too bad these libtards are such clowns that they have made numerous laws/taken numerous actions in violation of this same article, but such people have single digit IQs, so what does one expect? What's funny is that Article 15 itself can be said to contradict Article 14. The SC can delay and prevent the passing of the law, but the government has options to get creative to get it passed anyway, should it come to that. I wouldn't be surprised by another "tareekh pe tareekh" moment like RJB case. That is these bastards' best hope.
  4. Stokes gone, huge pressure on noob Pope, but Poms are batting to 11 with Broad being the last to come in.
  5. I am surprised that Shami isn't already over 800 rating... The only series he seems to struggle are those in England, otherwise I don't remember a bad series off the top of my head...
  6. If this were proven then I would agree, but right now it just seems like the Bangladeshis just are incompetent against pace bowling.
  7. Who said there is going to be a PM after Modi?
  8. Here is what I was talking about, I remembered incorrectly, it wasn't unemployment which would increase, but the share of people below the poverty line, from 11.5 to 14.3 percent. https://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/economics/basic-income-or-a-single-tapering-rule-incentives-inclusiveness-and-affordability-compared-for-the-case-of-finland_d8c0fbc4-en
  9. Good call. Shinzo Abe did the same thing in Japan, what a champ https://time.com/4035819/japan-university-liberal-arts-humanities-social-sciences-cuts/ I agree, mostly engineers, doctors, and techies get poached, but even people with pure science degrees like Biology or Chemistry aren't poached!
  10. ICF never fails to disappoint. People ignorant of and/or too lazy to actually look into an issue are never hesitant to give gyaan. If anyone actually wants to understand the issue, then one should actually read about it, including straight from the students mouths, instead of bleeding out their own eyes with their misplaced fury: https://www.opindia.com/2019/11/how-the-bhu-students-were-demonised-and-the-ones-who-refused-to-be-secularised-unfairly-called-bigots/ https://www.opindia.com/2019/11/bhu-students-protest-firoz-khan-muslim-professor-sanskrit/ https://www.opindia.com/2019/11/bhu-protests-students-of-svdv-submit-their-demand-to-the-pmo-want-firoz-khans-appointment-rescinded/ https://www.opindia.com/2019/11/bhu-dharma-vigyan-svdv-dr-firoz-khan-ayurveda-department-interview/ https://www.opindia.com/2019/11/bhu-svdv-faculty-student-protests-firoze-khan-hinduism-dharmic-muslims-appointment-interview/ https://swarajyamag.com/ideas/ground-report-khan-welcome-as-a-teacher-but-not-our-dharma-guru-what-bhu-protest-is-about-and-what-it-is-not https://twitter.com/TIinExile/status/1197545232931274752?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1197545232931274752&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fs9e.github.io%2Fiframe%2Ftwitter.min.html%231197545232931274752 If too lazy to read, then watch the videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZDIfvQXDzI&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoCa9hMP-do&feature=emb_logo https://youtu.be/9VQ7ap15ow4 I expected a certain assortment of clowns to post in this thread, such is their nature, but I am more disappointed that some more sensible people took the bait. Don't @ me
  11. Importantly, Ishant's home average is now 31.38. Getting wickets (and opportunities) at home will be key for him to move up the wicket column.
  12. I do not like either, but SanjuManju is a complete tool, so let's get rid of him first.
  13. If the US implemented the plan that is proposed by one of their presidential candidates it would add between 2-3 trillion USD to their budget. It would basically increase the burden on the government exchequer to absurd levels. Some conservatives and libertarians support universal basic income, if the government was to completely eliminate most/all of the other subsidies/programs the American government gives to people, but that would only work in an idealized world. I am not sure there has ever been a democratic country which went through that level of austerity without the implementing government losing the subsequent election. Finland tried this program as a pilot project with several thousand of its unemployed workers, but when they analyzed the results, they apparently predicted that if they implemented UBI on a country wide level, it would increase unemployment.
  14. https://www.financialexpress.com/defence/unga-fallout-turkish-company-could-be-out-of-the-fss-project-for-indian-navy/1724697/ Hopefully it is true
  15. I am waiting to see if Ishant has improved his ability to reverse swing.
  16. Oh I don't know if he is actually Rahul Gandhi. From what little I have seen from him, he seems to genuinely think what he says, even if he is wrong. Rahul is a cartoon who will change his statement depending on what his handlers think is politically expedient. However, online he is treated just like Pappu from what I've seen. I know this is a fake quote, but it is funny that it encapsulates what many think of him Or this
  17. Imagine when the Bangladeshi trundlers lineup to bowl to him
  18. The Gods answered the Saffers prayers. Rohit looked like he would score a 150 today itself. Philander looks toothless on this pitch and is the perfect pace for ODI Beast Mode
  19. Rohit now averages 98.22 in India Come to India, meet Indian Bradman
  20. Honestly I haven't followed Canadian politics much before, as I have never lived in Canada. However, from whatever I see online about Justin Trudeau, the constant trolling he gets, I am guessing many Canadians see him like Rahul Gandhi.
  21. I think you made a great point there. This is why I said we shouldn't conflate the Test and LOI formats. List of all our series and results http://www.howstat.com/cricket/Statistics/Series/SeriesListCountry.asp The reality is, like you said, that those players you listed had debuted under Dhoni and had their first tours abroad under him. We played 4 consecutive overseas tours to SENA where that was basically the team, immediately after our last home series for over a year, the series where Sachin retired. We followed that with not playing outside of Asia almost exclusively until the very end of 2017. That is over 2 years of playing in Asia exclusively, with only a 2 Test tour of Windies breaking that up. We didn't tour SA until mid 2018, and had our England and Australia tours that same year. By playing at home, none of the players really failed, except for Rahane, and Rahane was the one batsman who succeeded in all the SENA countries during his debut series. There wasn't really a justifiable reason to drop most of the core players, except a loss of ability/form due to age. If players like Pujara underwhelm on their first tours overseas in some countries, is it really sensible to drop them without seeing if they can improve the second go-round? Here are the players who have gotten their Test caps under Kohli 3-keepers(Ohja, Pant) 3-openers (Rahul, Agarwal, Shaw) 2-pacers(Bumrah, Thakur) 3-spinners(Karn, Jayant, Kuldeep) 2-lower order batsmen (Nair, Vihari) 1- allrounder (Pandya) That's 13 debutantes of which the 9 bolded players are either playing, in the squad, injured (Pandya), or were only recently excluded (Rahul) The new players can only be selected to fill holes we actually have in the side or to replace players who are underperforming. For the keeper spot, Saha beat out Ohja. Parthiv and DK only returned due to injury to Saha. There was never any indication that either of those two were long term options. Pant, once the selectors determined he showed promise, was included in the squad and is the short-term competition and long-term replacement for Saha. From Kohli's own words, Saha is the best pure wicket-keeper in the world and was always the preferred option.Pant replaced him because he was injured. The openers are where we are struggling to get settled. Dhawan and Vijay were both eventually dropped out of it due to form/age. Rahul debuted under Kohli, who people were saying was one of the most talented batsmen in India and had a great technique. Rahul has played 36 matches as an opener, but he averages less than 35 after all these matches, so only after 36 matches has Rahul been excluded from the squad. Shaw debuted, but he took a banned substance and has been suspended by the BCCI. Agarwal is only on his 5th test. Gambhir came in the place of Rahul when he was injured, but, again, that was a temporary thing. The spinners, Kuldeep in particular, has to show they are better than Ashwin/Jadeja, two of the statistically most dominant spinners in Asia, and both provide batting depth when overseas. We play 0-1 spinner overseas and 2-3 at home, depending on the pitches. Bumrah has become our spearhead. Any new pacer has to show more ability than both Shami and Ishant, both of who have won matches for us overseas recently, and, in Shami's case, at home as well. We have the most complete fast bowling unit in the world(I will say bowling overall as well with Ash/Jaddu). Who should be replaced of the three? The criticism regarding Nair is unfair unless someone also doesn't support Pandya's inclusion into the side. Nair, Vihari, and Pandya all compete for the same position in the team, even though the latter is an allrounder. They would all basically take the number 6 slot. One can ask why didn't Nair get more chances after scoring a triple, but then it is unlikely we would have ever seen Pandya in the side. One couldn't play both Nair and Pandya without kicking out either Pujara, Rahane, or a bowler Nair plays 6 home matches, then we play in overseas conditions in SL, SA, and England, where Pandya takes his spot and debuts as an allrounder. Pandya plays 11 matches, only 1 of which is at home. Then Pandya is replaced when we see our batting is weak in England and Australia, by another debutante in Vihari, who is currently in the side for his 7th match and who batted well in his limited opportunities so far. The only player that really gets repeated endlessly in Tests is Rohit, but Rohit is considered the gods' gift to Indian cricket it seems. One will never see former or current Indian players say negative stuff about him. If he fails as opener, India will find a way to play him as a front-line spinner In limited overs, the case is different. There are plenty of holes in the lineup, but he hasn't been able to even discover a number 4 or 5 batsman, he continues with a player who can't take wickets in BK, repeats failures like Yuvraj in the CT, etc etc.
  22. I came in here expecting a trailer for Sasta 8 Mile This is much funnier and a better film
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