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  1. Is True Dismissal Rate better when it is higher or lower? Depending on which, either Shaw/Agarwal/Kishan are the best batsmen or Rahul/Kohli
  2. I liked him in IPL before. I don't know why KKR doesn't play him much. They are usually the best side at playing new, young bowlers. I guess IPL teams are moving away from using the tournament to develop players.
  3. He doesn't fit in their top 5, and he isn't really a finisher to bat lower in the order. I don't think he would like the big boundaries in Australia.
  4. He's definitely wilting right now in this series, but I would back him as opener still. He and Kishan as a L-R combo. Both are the best players of express bowling in the format, at least by average for India. Put Surya at 3 and I like the top 3. If his bad form continues, then they can reconsider.
  5. https://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/625371.html?class=1;template=results;type=bowling;view=innings It looks like Pandya has bowled more than 10 overs only 6 of 19 innings he's played in Test cricket. He should be able to make it back into the side if he can bowl a solid 6-10 overs as he gets healthy. He could be crucial at the WTC and in England.
  6. He scored almost 2 RPO faster than anyone else in the MO last IPL.
  7. Can't wait for him to smack Wood around in the upcoming matches
  8. Wash is basically a batting allrounder so far, so he is just a 5th bowling option rather than a 3rd full time spinner. Our 5th bowler hardly bowls whether at home or away, ie Pandya hardly got opportunities to bowl so far in his test career, so a batsman who can bowl isn't a bad choice. He is basically a facsimile of Vihari. When Jaddu is healthy, it will be interesting if we will play all 3 of Jaddu, Ash, and Axar in home games.
  9. Darren Bravo might be a good option for the team, aside from the common players listed already. He is the Windies version of Rahane, good on spinning pitches in the ISC, but terrible at home. Overall a 54+ average in Asia. He has a fantastic record vs LA-spin, averages over 70 vs that type of bowling, so he would need to be in the MO to try and negate Jaddu. He would need a partner who takes on Ashwin more comfortably as he relatively struggles against RA-spin. https://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/277472.html?class=1;template=results;type=batting h
  10. NBD, he was max going to play the pink ball test. The 4th test he would've been back on the bench anyway. Even in the pink ball test, he wouldn't necessarily have done well. He has a poor record everywhere outside of England.
  11. First link on google, says shiny side out for drift https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCKJsWRdo9A
  12. Looks like a great place to revive gladiator battles
  13. Check the table below, they did have a nice peak in 1995-1996. They were definitely underrated in that period. They were the number 1 team for 3 months, from Sept- Nov 1995. They were also the number 2 team for the first half of 1996. They were basically a top 3 team for 3+ years from the end of 1994 to the beginning of 1997. By 1999 they fell off and were equivalent to the 8th ranked team.
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