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  1. Umpire reviewed, but on cricinfo Dale Steyn and Manjrekar both agreed he was wrong. Steyn said that he has never seen something like this happen before. Has a review in this fashion ever been taken before?
  2. Batsman Retired: Dravid Current: ABD(technically not retired as he will likely play WT20) Bowler Retired: Steyn Current: Ishant WK Retired: Dhoni Current : Butler AR Retired: Watson Current: Jadeja Captain Retired: Clarke(Tests) or Dhoni(LOIs) Current: None in particular. There's no really aggressive Test captain in the Clarke mold. Kohli by default, at least he supports fast bowling for India.
  3. Jinks is low-key underrated against Spin bowling. I think part of the issue for him is just that he comes so low down the order. https://www.indiancricketfans.com/topic/119044-defensive-batting-rankings-since-2014/ He plays 124.4 balls of spin (on defense) before being dismissed in Asia, and has a control percentage of 91.1%
  4. Great, When India wins --> Multiple sources tell Al Jazeera that the WT20 2021 was fixed
  5. I have a problem with people who have a problem with Ashwin being considered an ATG
  6. CT should be made a series based tournament. 5 match series between the top 4 sides: 1 vs 4, 2 vs 3, first team to 3 wins proceeds.
  7. Jadeja is far and away the best in Test cricket. Stokes is the best across the 3 formats.
  8. Even Pintu Parcha would smack this scrub Wasim around the park with his eyes closed for reverse sweep 6s. Kohli is just pandering up to his Paxstani Instagram fanboys/girls
  9. Is True Dismissal Rate better when it is higher or lower? Depending on which, either Shaw/Agarwal/Kishan are the best batsmen or Rahul/Kohli
  10. I liked him in IPL before. I don't know why KKR doesn't play him much. They are usually the best side at playing new, young bowlers. I guess IPL teams are moving away from using the tournament to develop players.
  11. He doesn't fit in their top 5, and he isn't really a finisher to bat lower in the order. I don't think he would like the big boundaries in Australia.
  12. He's definitely wilting right now in this series, but I would back him as opener still. He and Kishan as a L-R combo. Both are the best players of express bowling in the format, at least by average for India. Put Surya at 3 and I like the top 3. If his bad form continues, then they can reconsider.
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