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  1. Am I right in thinking players still contracted to play in the IPL still aren't allowed to play overseas? Added to that I'm not sure how much of an influence the commercial side of things (in terms of overruling selections based on ability) actually had over the player selections looking at the people that were present at the initial draft and the fact that someone like Gayle was left unpicked at both drafts.
  2. The cameras used for hawkeye are 340fps, far greater than the standard broadcast cameras. The majority of the error in the system will stem from the point of impact. The point of impact will still need adjustment to the exact point inbetween frames and is also happening on a surface that flexes upon impact. After that it's just extending a straight line to get the trajectory and applying gravity to it which should have minimal errors. It's the accuracy of the point of impact that affects the extrapolated trajectory and puts the error into it.
  3. The margin for umpires call should be reduced to the margin of uncertainty for the ball tracking technology.
  4. It's a 3 match series, it's not worth him flying out and going through the quarantine process just for that given the insane schedule recently and coming up. Not playing in the IPL just means he'll probably be playing lots of 4 day county cricket in that period instead.
  5. Nah, he was always in contact with the ground therefore as soon as his foot came off the boundary rope his last contact was within the boundary. The only question that needed answering was when his his foot came off the rope.
  6. This rule isn't really that relevant, the question is just whether Rashid was still in contact with the rope when he caught the ball. Personally I agree with the third umpire that he was in contact with the rope but came off it just before catching the ball.
  7. His arrival has been moved forward so he'll be available for the 2nd test. Edit: Scratch that, maybe not. Looks like that was Thorpe misspeaking. My bad.
  8. Crawley didn't have a great couple of games in Sri Lanka but he's still coming off the back of a score of 267 in the test before that. Importantly he's also an opener/top order player unlike Lawrence who has no proper FC experience batting at 3. From the XI you've posted Crawley would have been in for Lawrence, Pope would've been in for Woakes/Curran and pushed up to 6, and I suspect quite possibly Bess in for Moeen. With Crawley now out they may be tempted to go for the extra seamer instead of him (especially if Stokes is a little dodgy on the bowling workload front) although I'd still go for
  9. Was pretty much guaranteed to play at 3 in the first test.
  10. Vaughan and Pietersen? Oh jeez, maybe putting it on pay TV is worth it...
  11. County teams aren't going to risk all their best players in a tour game, but at the same time India have failed to dominate against any of the opposition they've had in their practice games for the last 3 test series in England.
  12. Pope's travelling with the squad in Sri Lanka and will join them in India. Currently fit to bat but not 100% on his capability to field so will be added to that squad when he is.
  13. Number of players who have used the kolpak ruling and gone on to play for England: 0 Number of players from a UK country other than England who have played for England in the last 20 years: 2 Just saying...
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