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  1. Our usual 6/7 test matches against typical pair of teams is always going to bring in more than our limited overs series in a summer.
  2. It's only been postponed for now. It's only a 2 test series so if this all clears up I'd expect it to be rearranged to the end of this year.
  3. The group has previously had officers of Indian origin. The 6 that you see mentioned in the above report are just the officers of the group, there will be other members of parliament that are members of the group. All members of parliament are permitted to attend any all party parliamentary group meetings, they are also eligible to vote at any meeting including in electing the officers of the group. As I've said before one of the aims of the group is to highlight human rights issues independent on what side of the border(s) they're on. Again as I've also said before there is another parliamentary group with the aim of raising awareness and trying to prevent discrimination against minorities in Pakistan.
  4. Because the idea that the leader of a group with the aim of highlighting human rights issues in both Indian and Pakistani Kashmir would want to visit both Indian and Pakistani Kashmir is completely inconceivable and not logical in any way at all....
  5. It took me 2 clicks to see that an MP asked a question specifically about human rights in Pakistan just 2 weeks ago on the 3rd February. A different MP raised a similar question a week before that on the 27th January. There is a specific parliamentary group set up with the purpose of raising awareness and helping eliminate discrimination and persecution of religious minorities by the state and others in Pakistan. Is highlighting human-rights issues (on both sides) anti-India? If so can I suggest that there may be an issue there given that directly suggests that covering up human-rights violations would be pro-India? I do find it quite humorous that whenever I present an opinion people don't like here I instantly become Pakistani.
  6. Let's not get into semantics, he's accusing multiple members of parliament of taking illegal under the table payments from a foreign intelligence agency. MPs can represent their constituents in any area that is reasonable to discuss in parliament. I'd consider ensuring human rights aren't violated worldwide a very reasonable discussion. The intention of not wanting news that has very little credibility and absolutely nothing factual to back it up spread by those with a notable social media following? Given I clearly have limited knowledge perhaps you could extend it by providing the evidence of multiple members of parliaments receiving illegal payments from the ISI?
  7. Parliamentary groups have to declare all their funding sources above £1500. That tweet is pretty clearly accusing members of parliament of taking under the table finance from a foreign intelligence agency. Have you considered that she's part of this group to do her job, representing the interests of her constituents?
  8. I assume this bloke will have some kind of proof of the British parliament receiving under the table funding from Pakistani intelligence as he claims...?
  9. Stumped

    T20: Eng Top 5

    Personally think we should be considering slotting Malan in at 3 and pushing Bairstow or Buttler down the order.
  10. Wasn't that him trying to get at Sabbir Rahmam, who's not exactly got the best character record, after he said something?
  11. How exactly did you want him to reply to a question specifically asking if it had been tough off the field in the run up to and during the test match? "Nah, it's all been good. Half the touring party being quarantined at some point and many unable to train in the run up to the match, numerous players being off the field ill at some point during the game, and our best player not training because his dad is in critical condition in hospital hasn't affected us at all".
  12. More important to get a look in at the youngsters who are potentially pushing for places in the final WT20 squad during this tour in particular.
  13. Because the vast majority of Australia's population is concentrated in those 5 major cities.
  14. Nah, the regulations don't allow him to.
  15. It wasn't really preventable by any decent umpiring though. Dharmasena had to make a decision himself as to whether the batsman had crossed when the throw was released. That's not something any umpire is going to keep track of so they have to make an educated guess.
  16. I'm not saying they should get all 120 points for drawing the series, but they should get the same for drawing the series independent of the scoreline in my view.
  17. In Dharmasena's defence he had to make a decision as to whether the batsmen had crossed when the ball was released which is something no umpire is ever going to keep an eye on. He basically had a 50/50 choice and got it wrong, could have happened to anyone.
  18. Not sure the idea of teams being involved in a 1-1 draw in a 2 match series getting more points than teams who draw a 5 match series 2-2 makes logical sense personally.
  19. Archer would've played the 2nd test over Woakes if Anderson was fit.
  20. Headingley isn't close to being the best ground in England but similarly the MCG isn't even the best ground in Australia.
  21. Are we going to ignore the fact that the umpires have made more decisions in favour of Australia than England so far this Ashes series?
  22. Anderson is in his prime, he's bowling as well as he ever has.
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