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  1. Vanthutennu Sollu... Thirumbi vanthutennu sollu ! MAAMA is Back ! Game..Set.. action !!!
  2. I saw the over and felt had Washington sundar not come so close from boundary it would have been a catch , the over could have been different. Dubey deliveries were rubbish ball's.. but just the sort of day when everything goes wrong...Sundar had a big role in closing dubeys chapter.. let's see if dubey can survive this..
  3. Over the years.... Craig mcdermott Allan Donald Curtly ambrose Waqar younis Shoaib akhtar- he really terrified us with his pace. Was confident only sachin could play him from our team.
  4. Feel sad for him... Wanna root for him to see if he can make it.. go unmukt...
  5. I think they are just having fun. Not too competitive. We shouldn't take these seriously ...
  6. Kohli has to think about team than his endorsements.. then things will fall in place. Very few gentlemen like dravid in today's setup. Kohli and shastri have brought politics of the lowest order to the team.
  7. RCB. Match made in heaven and in tummy..so yeah FAT chance.
  8. Thank u bcci. Will zone back in for eye pee lll and t20 WC in 2020. Odi tata bye bye cu ... NfL season starts in September.. good sport to start developing an interest. #GoPats!!!
  9. Kohli is playing in far easier batting pitches and very poor opposition bowling attack. When sachin bats I always had hope, with kohli come knockouts I have zero hope . There lies the difference. If sachin had similar support cast, we would have been like 90s-2000s aussies.
  10. Kohli is so insecure... doesn't want anybody to perform on these easy tours... wants to rack up meaningless 100s. Bcci can you arrange a tour with Afghanistan on absolute pattas for the oldies..
  11. 1 and 2 Mayank, KL rahul , shaw 3 Kohli 4 Shubman gill/ shreyas 5 Nitish rana/abhishek Sharma 6 Pant 7 Pandya All these players should get chances down the line..
  12. It might seem reactive to the loss, but the sequence of losses , pathetic team selections and choking in most important stages makes me wonder if all the stats are meaningless. Average of 12 in WC knock outs is pathetic. Having the best bowling attack and probably the second best batsman , if kohli can't win it, when else could he do it.. add to the fact that the balls change, pitches are flatter, cricket enthusiasm waned in so many countries, powerplayrules, shorter boundaries.. his greatness is amplified due to a slew of external factors.. easier bowlers and shorter boundaries means easy to score as a consolidator.. All wc winning teams had clutch players.. Steve Waugh, Smith, symmonds, aravind de Silva, Ponting, yuvi .. Kohli just pads stats .. and now with the media focus tries to act as some angel.. walking off when he did not touch the ball against Pakistan and doing drama when pant gets out.. If he does not win us the next WC, he will just be remembered as a manipulative run accumulator. For now, he is a useless team player... I am sure many will have similar stats if given the backing and position at which kohli bats in ODis. His era just coincided with one where our other batsmen were so bad or the good ones did not get a long enough run to get their confidence. Leave apart dhawan,rohit,kohli,dhoni none of the others got vote of confidence among batsmen..
  13. They should be watching the finals in stadium as guests and their laughter and nonchalance s spectators should be captured in camera.. sadly this team is a master of PR, so sadly will not make those mistakes...
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