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  1. "Dhanya ho humaare rishi muni jinhone thodi si Sanskrit use karke apne bade bade kaand chhupaye hain... Kamasutra. (praised be our saints who used a little bit of Sanskrit to hide all big misdeeds)."
  2. I would have had no issues had they dared to apply the similar metric to other religions as well. Problem arises when it's all Hindu bashing disguised as comedy. Can we expect similar jokes about The Prophet and his various (mis)adventures? There in lies your answer. Heck can she joke about Guru Gobind's last days as a Mughal Mansabdar) (Yes it's all true. Look it up). And then we have people randi rona about ICF becoming intolerant. Really folks , do you really expect us to remain silent jab ye sab chutiyapa khuleaam chal ra ho?
  3. I have given up on this sh!t party and it's incompetent supreme leader. To those who think alterations in history books aren't needed, go read Sumit Sarkar(a must book for modern Indian history in the curriculum) and how he twists and manipulate facts to assign all the blame for the rise of communalism in the 19th century and it's culmination in the partition of India upon Hindus. Heck the guy unapologetically backs Jinnah's direct action day by claiming that more Muslims lost their lives at the hands of frenzied Hindu crowds than vice versa . Mind you Sarkar is considered an authority on modern Indian history despite being one of the most biased writers I have ever had the misfortune to read. 6 years of full majority Government and we are still required to read these blatant propaganda pieces? In some other country it would have evoked a massive outrage but since it's India , a country run by uneducated dunces I guess it's all fine.
  4. Never seen so many self-hating cucks in one place before.
  5. The producer herself is a Brahmin. Woke Brahmins are one of the most self-hating people in India.
  6. I actually respect Afridi for his stance concerning Pakistan. I know he's quite dumb (inbred and all that) but at least he loves his country. Bhadwas like Yuvi/Bhajji/Kohli otoh deserve all the humiliation that comes their way.
  7. There's no historic proof whatsoever of Jesus or PBUH descending from Abraham. Heck we don't even know if Abraham ever lived. But it's an undeniable fact that PBUH did indeed copy a lot from the original Judaism.
  8. Cremate the bodies of these dead terrorist pigs like Riyaz Naikoo broadcasting it live on social media. Nothing would rattle these Jihadis more than to see their beloved leaders getting a kafir funeral. Imagine the outrage lol. I would prefer if they shoved the pork in the mouths of dead terrorists before disposing off the bodies. The shock alone would be so much satisfying. Let's give them Jihad if that's all they want. It's a Dharma Yuddha. Sama dama danda bheda everything should be used.
  9. Treat them like how Maharaja Gulab Singh did it back in the day. You cannot win over Jihadis by reaching out to them. They understand only one language.
  10. We should go full Aurangzeb on these mlechhas. Screw Human rights. Make them pay for every single death of our jawans.
  11. Why should we let the land of our ancestors go just because of a namak haram population? Haven't we learned nothing from 1947? Kick Kashmiris out I say and let Hindus from the rest of the country settle in the valley.
  12. But I would disagree about Pratap not winning battles. Haldighati was a stalemate at best despite the odds stacked against Mewar, something even begrudgingly admitted by Satish Chandra of all people. By the time of his death at the age of 56, he managed to recover the whole of Mewar from the grasps of the Mughals barring Chittor.
  13. Thanks Rahul bhai for answering my questions. Loved reading the insightful answers and agreed about Kumbhalgarh, what a piece of architecture! I see that you mentioned Jaimal Mertiya as one of your favorites, my mom's a direct descendant of him.
  14. Local boy yeah. Great loss :/
  15. बीहड़ में बाग़ी होते हैं. डकैत होते हैं पाल्लयामेंट में
  16. Can't believe it! Such a fine actor and a great ambassador of cinema. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un .
  17. Wait where did my earlier reply to Mary go?
  18. Lol like I'm gonna make a mistake of arguing with you. Pass
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