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  1. In the past, religion pervaded all spheres of life and was so firmly entrenched in our society that it's impossible to separate it from the way of life that that gradually evolved to become what we tend to associate with the Indian culture.
  2. Because religion is much more than just a few megalomaniacs competing to keep the masses enslaved and ignorant. Our rich cultural heritage owes a lot to our varied religious traditions that contributed immensely in its evolution over the centuries. Without religion we are just a bunch of culture less savages with no meaningful life. I find it quite amusing to see the confused Indians (such as @beetle who gave a troll vote to my post) taking pride in our cultural achievements of the yesteryears and yet when it comes to giving credit to the religion they get all preachy, listi
  3. I hope it's all in good fun otherwise it would be really shameful.
  4. BJP ain't gonna free ****. It's a party of pussies masquerading as mards.
  5. LBS, Vallabhbhai Patel, MGR and MM Malviya says hii.
  6. A seasoned politician and an astute statesman. Om Shanti. Could have been the PM in 1984 had it not been for congressi love for Gandhi family.
  7. Wait a second, are people actually blaming TV debates for heart attacks now? Congressi dalals make BJP chewts look like saints must say.
  8. Persian culture and language are beautiful. Maniac as usual is simply being jealous .
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