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  1. BJP ain't gonna free ****. It's a party of pussies masquerading as mards.
  2. LBS, Vallabhbhai Patel, MGR and MM Malviya says hii.
  3. A seasoned politician and an astute statesman. Om Shanti. Could have been the PM in 1984 had it not been for congressi love for Gandhi family.
  4. Wait a second, are people actually blaming TV debates for heart attacks now? Congressi dalals make BJP chewts look like saints must say.
  5. Persian culture and language are beautiful. Maniac as usual is simply being jealous .
  6. I dislike the orange buffoon myself but a big lol at those trying to defend Biden here.
  7. Yes there are quite a few of them there actually. In the medieval period they were a dominant player in the Deccani politics and vied alongside Persians/Afghans/Marathas for influence in the Bahamani court and later under their successor states. Nobles such as Malik Ambar immortalized their name in their struggle against Mughals when Ahmednagar was annexed by the former. Such was their influence that Siddis of Janjira regularly proved to be troublesome for Shivaji who had to construct a proper navy to deal with the menace.
  8. Modern 'Turks' from the country of Turkey are mostly Anatolians with mixed ancestry. The Turkification under the Ottomans is to be blamed.
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