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  1. Second innings has to compete with Love Island, gonna be only one winner there
  2. Can't even argue, he was starved of chances anymore. All the skill but no application
  3. The reason for the 100 format is because it's shown on free to air via BBC Two in the UK. BBC requested a maximum timeslot of 150 minutes, hence the slightly shortened format.
  4. Sky Cricket, BBC (UK) and Fancode steaming online in India
  5. Can they not recaliberate and put the NRR, keep recalculating it based on 6 ball over, atmosphere seem fun though, might catch on. Graphics are horrendous.
  6. Is Malam better than root in this English T20 side, root can an over in if required as well?
  7. England Z side tail is significantly better than our A team tailender. Sad reality
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