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  1. Varun strated well, bowling is also about partnership, not helped by doofus Kohli's captiency.
  2. We are carrying too many passengers in the team, Hardik & Bhuvi are not fit enough, Rohit & Sky are woefully out of form.
  3. India, United and Barca all losing. Max beating Lewis later would just top of a horrendous sporting Sunday.
  4. Kohli outperforming Mahmadullah for the crap captaincy award
  5. Shami releasing all the pressure build up by Bumrah and Varun
  6. Jaddu innings killed all the momentum. Pant wicket was crucial l, cost us around 15 to 20 runs
  7. Looks fairly humid, there is a good chance of dew, 145 to 150 is required.
  8. Guys calm down a bit, stop with the wrist slitting. Kohli looks in the zone, pitch is hard to bat on, 150ish should be a winning score.
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