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  1. Jadeja without doubt is one of the better fielders in the world but fielding is all about collective team efforts, no point having one Jadeja and filling the rest of the side with Varun, Ashwin, Rohit etc.
  2. 6 to 7 English players coloured their hair blond and went for the Phil Foden look when England reached the semi finals of the Euros.
  3. WI looks like they are trying thier best to compete and win, where was this commitment and intent all tournament.
  4. Look at it this way, the coming match for the Afgans would probably be the most watched match in their history, when not playing against India. All the players know that there is an IPL auction shortly, beat NZ with some eye catching performance, would automatically result in a big money IPL bid.
  5. Namibia seems decent as well. All goes out of equation, if we lose today.
  6. Scotland needs to tweak their batting order, Leask should be promoted up the order. Good team overall, would give a decent fight against India.
  7. Scotland have enough wickets in hands, time to throw caution to the wind and hope for a miracle.
  8. Agreed. Scots are of the Gaelic descend.
  9. Sodhi is a weird bowler, keeps getting wickets of long hops and full tosses, does bowl some good balls between the crap deliveries.
  10. Berrington is their best bat, Scotland can still pull this off.
  11. Great batting, 20 run over. Scotland on track.
  12. Pitch looks relatively flat, if Scotland do not lose more than 1 wicket in the PP, they have a chance.
  13. Money talks, I guess. Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi all have a GP in this year's F1 calender.
  14. UAE and ME weather is an anomaly from the norther hemisphere, how can it be so hot during November.
  15. Scotland have been a massive disappointment since thier win over Bangladesh.
  16. BCCI should take part of the blame. Given his injury struggles they should have taken the long term view and given him enough time to heal, as opposed to rush him back half fit, dent his confidence and prolong his injury.
  17. It's not a fair comparison, Hardik pre his injury was an absolute gun allrounder, will he get back to that level taking into consideration his spinal injuries is anyone's guess. The comparison is mundane as Wiese does not play for India. England have plenty of allrounders in the white ball game, we do not have that luxury. Given the talent pool at our disposal, Hardik is the best bet going forward for the seam bowling, hard hitting middle order player.
  18. Missed opportunity for Namibia. They should have bowled out Trumpelmann at the start and with more astute bowling changes and field placing, they could have restricted Pakistan to 150ish, they could have chased this total.
  19. I don't think anyone is questioning the fact that Shaheen is the better bowler. I think what New Guy is trying to point out is that the conditions are vastly different while bowling first and second due to the dew. Compare Shaheen spell today as opposed to his opening spell Vs India and Afghanistan
  20. This has turned into a belter of a pitch after the dew, winning toss tomorrow and chasing is paramount.
  21. Anjum Chopra is such a cringe commentator, Hafeez is dominating playing in the A it seems
  22. Can't agree more, he has the unique ability of picking wicket in a bunch as well.
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