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  1. Interesting. Weird that someone would want to adopt/fake a random accent, unless they lived there and picked up a bit of it?
  2. More like "creee..ngeworthy." Not sure why he ae...kstends some syllables. Kis gaun ka accent hai?
  3. You're right. I don't see a justification for restricting players who have little to no chance of national LOI selection from taking their skills to another place to make a living. Whether they will be hired is beside the point. Maybe the "hitters" won't, but I can easily see some of the bowlers (e.g., Nadeem, Rajpoot, Warrier etc.) being useful in other leagues too.
  4. Blue line crossed maroon line. muchkond match nodro ... sumne yak aLtheera?
  5. A cricketing fantasy for me is that India bats first on a patta wkt, and KLR and RGS both stay all 20 overs. 300 total from 120 balls.
  6. Have these guys (Evin Lewis, Brandon King, Hetmeyer etc.) signed their IPL contracts yet? If not, they're earning themselves some serious coin!
  7. The big question is - is the process right? You can prioritize the process all you want, but backing an effed up process only ensures that you're effed. In tests, it appears that the process is working well, complaints about SA and Eng losses notwithstanding. But in LOIs, the process needs reworking.
  8. Pretty much every kaptaan plays the "process" card when it suits them. Old trick.
  9. Those 4 words - for someone my age and having followed Indian cricket since the late '70s - those 4 words are so indescribably beautiful. Never forget - there was a time in Indian cricket when non-spinners opened the bowling and bowled just enough to scuff the ball so the spinners could grip it. From there to here has taken 4 decades, and it means more to oldies like me than most noob fans will ever understand. End of jazbaa.
  10. Potential big hitter. Of course, potential means "he ain't done nothin' yet." But, given his young age, there's always the hope that when the light comes on, he will win T20 matches single-handedly.
  11. In and off itself this is not a big deal, but coming from a serial offender, it bears mentioning. https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/28098072/smith-apologises-team-mates-dissent-charge So, here's the pattern: Smith effs up, blames brainfade, takes punishment, says sorry, everyone sympathizes, talent wins, he's back, brain fades ... rinse and repeat.
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