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  1. This is a great meme. The hidden cost of solar and wind - toxic waste, metal-mining etc - are completely ignored by the radical, "feel-good" environmental movement. If people like AOC, Bernie and others on the left were serious about decarbonization, they would be putting their weight behind nuclear power and modern ag technologies, not solar/wind and agroecology.
  2. Rigorous life-cycle assessments (LCA) has shown that reusable shopping bags have a larger environmental footprint than single-use plastic bags, if the plastic bags are recycled correctly. It is counter-intuitive. Here is the science: https://www2.mst.dk/Udgiv/publications/2018/02/978-87-93614-73-4.pdf
  3. The current scientific basis for climate change is solid and undeniable. The proposed solutions (slowing industrialization of the underdeveloped world, more taxes in the name of carbon, more investment in solar/wind at the cost of nuclear, turning back the clock on agritechnologies etc.) are not the answer.
  4. Interesting. Weird that someone would want to adopt/fake a random accent, unless they lived there and picked up a bit of it?
  5. More like "creee..ngeworthy." Not sure why he ae...kstends some syllables. Kis gaun ka accent hai?
  6. Am aware of some cases where hormones outdid the thread.
  7. Rakhee sister translation: I think dude likes me. Dude nice guy. I like him, but not "like that." Buy thread. Tie thread. Safety net.
  8. You're right. I don't see a justification for restricting players who have little to no chance of national LOI selection from taking their skills to another place to make a living. Whether they will be hired is beside the point. Maybe the "hitters" won't, but I can easily see some of the bowlers (e.g., Nadeem, Rajpoot, Warrier etc.) being useful in other leagues too.
  9. https://www.innocenceproject.org/cases/darryl-hunt/ In 1984, a guy named Daryl Hunt was convicted of raping and murdering a young woman. He was thrown in prison but not sentenced to death. In 1994 DNA evidence revealed that the perpetrator was some one else and Hunt was innocent. In 2004, Hunt was released from prison and did some public events. Hearing him speak provided great perspective. In 2016, he committed suicide. Many many such cases. While the emotion is understandable, putting someone to death - the absolute permanence of it - when there is even a 1% c
  10. The real monsters, of course. Not ones who are suspected of being monsters, no?
  11. In the US of A, 100s of innocents were put to death or are languishing in jail or have died in jail after being thrown there by a racist system. Thanks to the work of groups like the Innocence project, some of them are exonerated. Here is one such story https://deathpenaltyinfo.org/news/alabama-pardons-scottsboro-boys-former-death-row-inmates They were convicted in 1931, died in prison and exonerated in 2013 posthumously. There is an entire database here: https://www.innocenceproject.org/
  12. Yes, Every one of these bothers me to no end. No one is supporting the actual criminals. But what if suspected criminals are not the actual criminals and the actual perpetrators are roaming free? Justice must be swift and true, but it must also be meted out to the actual criminal. Until we get all of this right (both what you are saying and what I am saying), we will not be a true civil society.
  13. I sincerely hope that they were the actual perpetrators. Otherwise you have 4 random guys killed based on suspicion and the effin beasts are still roaming free ready to victimize more women.
  14. You are absolutely correct. But we are talking about two separate issues here, and the system is broken on both sides. The problem of true criminals getting away with their crimes cannot be solved by simply hunting down suspected, but not properly convicted, individuals.
  15. Soch liya. And it is unimaginably terrifying, saddening, enraging. And the culprits must be brought to justice - absolute maximum justice - after they are convicted in a court of law. As riya pointed out, if law enforcement goes vigilante, it is a dangerous sign that any of us can be accused, convicted in the court of public opinion and shot on the street. In this particular case, it is highly likely that they were the perpetrators. But that may not always be the case.
  16. And for these reasons, I am against the death penalty. Many innocents have rotted in jail or been put to death because of wrongful convictions, only for new evidence to emerge years or decades later that proves their innocence. The principle of "Innocent until proven guilty" is the foundation of a civil society. Without this, we are all fair game to be accused, convicted and punished with no recourse.
  17. Blue line crossed maroon line. muchkond match nodro ... sumne yak aLtheera?
  18. A cricketing fantasy for me is that India bats first on a patta wkt, and KLR and RGS both stay all 20 overs. 300 total from 120 balls.
  19. Have these guys (Evin Lewis, Brandon King, Hetmeyer etc.) signed their IPL contracts yet? If not, they're earning themselves some serious coin!
  20. With the caveat that nuclear power itself is not the villain.
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