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  1. We have the three best crappy batsmen? Is that what the table is saying, because I can believe it.
  2. You can have nine guys on the boundary and it don’t matter if you hit a six.
  3. WI debutant just took a hard hit ball right to the face guard on his helmet. Looked quite dangerous. Taken off the ground on a stretcher.
  4. Batting first in Galle is big advantage. Gabriel was bothering Nissanka and Cornwall had Karunaratne all twisted up. Alas the openers are still in there picking their spots. SL want to give Mickey Arthur a victorious send off this series.
  5. I am surprisingly looking forward to this series. I have no preference on who wins so I shouldn’t get bent out of shape over anything.
  6. No it's not. Religion has done more harm to the world over the course of history than anything else. It's a scam drummed up by the elites ages ago to keep the minions in check.
  7. Seems like England bandwagon fans need to accept that dew is part of the conditions in that part of the world and move on. Lot of sore losing coming from the pom contingent.
  8. icf brain trust in all its glory. These same idiots said WI was the only side that could compete with the poms.
  9. He should. Despite bleating of global commentators he’s actually a pretty rubbish captain.
  10. NZ won toss in 2019 WC and WTC final. They won T20 series against AUS back in March and if PAK makes it to finals they will probably lose due to rampant match fixing because that’s what they are known for. NZ gone whoop dat ass against either of them.
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