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  1. Thank you, Captain Obvious. Every team looks to score big in its first innings. Actually doing so is sometimes a different story.
  2. It would be the most Kohli captaincy thing ever for India to wind up losing this match and wasting all the good work from AUS tour to present.
  3. You are welcome. It is my duty to try and enlighten the icf brain trust whenever I can.
  4. And complete shite fielding. Two of three phases of the game are rubbish.
  5. Teams should employ better batting techniques then. If batsmen used proper defensive style then match would still be going.
  6. Dravid could walk out there right now with a tree limb in his hands and out score 2/3 of this current lineup.
  7. Doesn’t matter. He still maintains a residence in NZ so the state should seize all his assets.
  8. It was nice of the to allow bowler from another team to claim a wicket.
  9. This test looks to be a COVID super spreader event. Modi's legacy for sure.
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