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  1. Meh, nothing but buffet balls waiting to be hit. Rough him up with some bouncers before anointing him the next great batsman.
  2. I feel if it was a four test series India would be much bigger favorites. But India tends to play bad in first test of every series and get better in later matches. That’s a problem when it’s a one and done test match.
  3. There are so many players better than him that he shouldn’t even be in the conversation for test team playing XI. The only thing of importance he did in AUS was not get out in the Sydney Great Escape. The rest of the time he couldn’t bat for crap and dropped a few dollies.
  4. Such a brave sacrifice volunteering to spend an extra couple of days in a 7-star hotel free of charge. I hope hotel staff don't drop the ball and forget to fluff his pillows each day.
  5. Thakur would hoop it around pretty good too. Maybe it would get him off the perpetual Dinda Academy enrollment list.
  6. I bet dude got into Australia on a temporary visa then went to ground when it expired. He now works as a waiter in a Sydney curry shop.
  7. They didn’t win the genetic lottery like you and the other dude. Your family did the heavy lifting, not you.
  8. BCCI can tell the owners of the bottom four teams if they want to retain their franchises going forward they better sign off on the revised plan.
  9. But of course. More favoritism granted to MI.
  10. We are at a convenient spot where every team has played all opponents once except DC vs PBKS who have played each other twice. Take the standings as of Saturday (last of the first go through) and call that your end of season standings. Yeah, pretty much what bowl_out said.
  11. It would add two games to the original idea, but to reduce the fluke factor I would setup the group stages like the current playoff format where #1 plays #2. Winner goes to group final. #3 vs #4, loser goes home, etc.
  12. Do you really need to ask that question?
  13. Not so fast my friend. We take top two teams at mid-way point (DC and CSK) as the final match and champion is decided by head-to-head match-up. Thus congratulations to Vivo IPL 2021 champions QED.
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