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  1. Rohit is same as Andre Russell by putting franchise cricket (money) over national loyalty. Both should have citizenship revoked.
  2. Same sentiments here. I have long thought Rohit would make a better captain for Team India but last two seasons with no loyalty have changed my mind. As much as I like to slag on the Rat I don’t doubt his loyalty to the Indian team. Sometimes it comes as a detriment to the side, but that’s another discussion.
  3. Russell couldn’t give a toss about his national T20i team but makes himself available for this travesty. Money chasing ahole.
  4. Pakistan probably doesn’t want to embarrass themselves further on the field so will flaunt quarantine protocol and dare NZ to send them packing.
  5. As he should. Rohit pulled this **** last year saying he was unavailable for ODIs and Tests of NZ tour but was on track for miracle recovery in time for IPL before COVID postponement. He can’t be counted on for anything other than T20s any more. That’s fine, plenty of fat old guys only play T20s these days but make it official so team can plan accordingly.
  6. Your posts show you are under educated in cricket knowledge.
  7. It's going to be fun reading this board when team India fails to qualify for the WTC finals.
  8. Congrats to MI, they were the best team all tournament and deserved to win it all. Great bunch of guys on their team too, except that K. Pandya jerkoff... he can get f'ed but the rest of them are cool. Good job DC as well this season. Wasn't meant to be but I'm proud of them.
  9. ICF brain trust at work again. This site is full of morons.
  10. Some one should just divide every player's salary by their fantasy points. Highest money to points ratio wins the poll.
  11. This is a stupid thread and I can't believe I wasted two minutes of my life reading it. OP should be ashamed of himself.
  12. Biggest match of the season. Hopefully DC players have fun and try their hardest. Win or lose, it's been a successful tournament. Now let's go out and shock the world.
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