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  1. Had to rely on Bravo to close this out since Indian bowlers are known choke artists.
  2. When did Lockie Ferguson strike fear in bowlers like prime Universe Boss? Bowl at the f’ing stumps you f’ing muppet.
  3. Defending 48 from 12 and you bowl wides? And a no ball four.
  4. Part of the script. Have to maintain drama level at 10.
  5. I’m surprised Stokes is apparently still in the nut house. He’s pissing away some of his best years.
  6. Three teams had already qualified. Then you basically said KKR and MI would make the playoffs. Logic does not appear to be your strength.
  7. Did you see the bolded part?
  8. GeeGaw

    IPL Retentions

    Pretty much. His first full season was a display of destruction like none other. Other than that, he's rather ordinary except seasons leading into a mega auction.
  9. GeeGaw

    IPL Retentions

    DC: Pant, Nortje, maybe Axar? First half of the tournament Shaw would have been a no-brainer but he's so damn inconsistent. There is a glut of good Indian opening batsmen so he may be more easily replaced than some others even though his PP devastation is a level above most of the competition. DC are one of the few teams that doesn't rely so heavily on one or two superstars that if those guys don't fire they have no chance at winning. That's a testament to proper preparation and overall good coaching. As long as Ponting and staff stay in place it don't make a **** wh
  10. GeeGaw

    IPL Retentions

    Maxwell is showing out this year because of mega auction. Once he's landed his next big contract he'll go back to half-assing it like he did last year.
  11. Fine day for the academy today as Mustafizur Rahman, Sam Curran (back to back entries) and Josh Hazlewood all go for big runs. Dinda Academy going to need facility expansion to accommodate all these crap bowlers.
  12. Congratulations to highest paid IPL star player Chris Morris on gaining entrance to the prestigious academy. He's only the second entrant since the resumption of play in the UAE. Money well spent there, RR.
  13. LOL, yeah every team wants a peak Gayle on their team. Peak Gayle comes around once every thirty years worldwide. Don't hold your breath waiting for this unicorn's arrival.
  14. Leave it to icf brain trust to slobber the knob of the hot commodity at the time. You idiots never learn.
  15. The brain trust is campaigning for McCullum to coach India team? Good grief.
  16. Obviously. But one would think you would accidentally learn various facets of the game by osmosis if nothing else.
  17. That is way past his prime. He would be a perfect fit at CSK.
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