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  1. This looks like a clever way of appointing Snith as future captain. Cricket Australia does it what it wants, when it wants
  2. Hardin may be back because we have such a small sample of seam bowling all rounders. If he cannot bowl regularly, then we should move on.
  3. No need for this over reaction from minister. But then some people let their past define their future
  4. Rafiq testimony was powerful and hits close to heart. Hope people embrace equality.
  5. I am from Indian Punjab where the culture is similar to Pakistan Punjab, but we have not produced express fast bowlers. Cricket is not very popular in Indian Punjab compared to Pak punjab. I think there are other reasons for Pakistan having fast bowlers.
  6. Shubman could be India's Babar Azam if he is given a consistent run in the team
  7. ??When Bumrah bold bairstow, holding was one of the commentator and he did not say a word. Surprising - I was hoping for an analysis as he himself is a fast bowler.
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