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  1. So a team of Obama's VP and Hillary's stooge. Basically USA's version of UPA 3 .
  2. Gotta say I have never noticed any pacing issues with this one. I guess I just love the characters and the humour too much from this movie .
  3. 99 is a hoot. A desi con caper doesn't get better than this. It's not on Amazon/Netflix but it's up on Youtube in good quality. All the references to 90s cricket are just a bonus .
  4. I won't disagree too much with that but my first reaction after watching Lootcase was I should have re-watched 99 instead .
  5. It's a 6/10 movie at best for me. In the same genre, I think Delhi Belly is better and 99 is in a different league altogether.
  6. People get sentimental about his contributions to our WC wins in 2007 and 2011.
  7. Did they become top order batsmen or what?
  8. Well they wrecked Mission Mangal with feminist/secular crap so this is not unexpected. Btw did you guys see Harinder Sikka's comments on Raazi? He pretty much agreed with Sanksari critic's take on the movie. https://twitter.com/sikka_harinder/status/1254453690569617409?s=20
  9. He (as well as his daughter) is sneakily pro-China these days. Also meant to be pro-CIA and a friend of Bhindranwale back in the day. Shady mofo. Maybe there is a good reason why Modi has kept him at an arms length.
  10. Yeah it's just average with some clever touches here and there.
  11. I am halfway through it. It's pretty average.
  12. Anyone saw Lootcase? Hearing good things about it.
  13. Jimmy Cliff


    Watching Nightcrawler again. Lou Bloom is one of the great modern day cinematic sociopaths.
  14. Looks like Kamala Harris will be the VP pick .
  15. Yeah only the 1st Test followed the idea of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas @asterix.
  16. Remember Bhajji hitting a lofted on drive against peak Steyn for a 6 in Cape Town 2011. Can't find it anywhere online .
  17. His 2nd best for me. PF still Uber Alles. The dialogue and characters is what makes PF what it is. And PF did that whole post modern. meta, ironic shtick better than any movie back then and any movie since. Which is why it still remains as fresh and influential till date.
  18. I used to appreciate him a lot but the last couple of days have been eye opening for me . For all the hullabaloo about Waugh being the ice man and what not, he was actually a shirker who ran away from the challenge of the TO. Taylor and Slater might as well be considered war heroes for daring to open the innings in Tests unlike Waugh who was hiding in a bunker at 5/6.
  19. Yep where he failed. Just as he failed resoundingly at 4 and ran away to 5/6 to protect his average . All batsmen who spent a bulk of their careers batting at 4 with any sort of success are braver and more courageous than Waugh .
  20. I didn't say you did. Just stating that he shied away from batting in the TO and was comfortable hiding in the MO at 5 and 6. If he was so good under pressure and in tough conditions why didn't he take on the challenge of batting in the top order where the conditions are truly tough? But no, he was comfortable batting in his cocoon at 5/6 and coming in after the opening bowlers were mostly done with their spells and the shine was taken off the new ball. And don't get me started on his shtick of "trusting" the tailenders. Time has arrived to cancel Steve Waugh as a MO and red ink bully IMO.
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