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  1. Success rate is about the same as The Naked Man. Not bad .
  2. Bitcoin/Crypto trading going mainstream in India with ads during IPL?
  3. 42M views in a couple of months! Will it overtake this masterpiece in the future?
  4. The situation is absolutely dire in and around Mumbai. It seems everyone around me is either down with fever or has recently tested positive.
  5. Vishy vs WI 1974-75 Vengsarkar vs England 1986 SRT vs Australia 1998 Laxman vs Australia 2001 Sehwag vs SL 2009 SRT vs Australia 2010 Kohli vs England 2016 KL Rahul vs Australia 2017 Pujara vs Australia 2018 RGS vs South Africa 2019 All dominant performances helping the team win multiple Tests in the series .
  6. Barry could excel against the likes of Lillee unlike some of the other openers of his era. Gill has started on a promising note by excelling against a very good Aussie attack in their backyard when in the past Indian openers with big reputations have come a cropper over there in similar circumstances. Good comparison .
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