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  1. @UrmiSinhaRay had some interesting gossip about him and Mouni Roy.
  2. James Corbett is pretty much the greatest journalist in the alternate media IMO.
  3. Looks like he didn't use the word "gendon" but said "Anushka ki bowling ki practice ki".
  4. What i find amazing is how commentators (pre)tend to be surprised when he drops catches .
  5. Dhoni bashing aside he has some weird takes. In the past he has suggested Ashwin at 4 in LOIs .
  6. Can't believe I missed this thread so far .
  7. 2020 is the year when Liverpool finally managed to win the EPL. Have RCB found their Klopp in Hesson?
  8. EPL does it much better and seamlessly. Here the "shifts" are too obvious.
  9. First you should apologize to Marcus Stoinis for claiming players of his profile didn't exist .
  10. The World Championship of Cricket in 1985 was kind of like the Champions Trophy of that time. Kapil scoring a match-winning fifty as a bowling all-rounder in a Knockout game of that tournament is a pretty big deal given that some of the specialist Indian batsmen of that era never went past 30 in the KO games of major tournaments (WCs and WCC) .
  11. Kapil delivering a phaintaa to Hadlee in the 1985 World Championship Semi Final. Scored 54* off 37 in a match-winning effort .
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