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Bumrah the bumrahastra

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All time great already and still only 30


He will go down as the greatest ever Asian bowler of all time if he isn't already. 


He is about 1 wtc and a series win in england/SA away from being amongst the top 5 bowlers of all time across all formats especially tests. 

Right now he is in the top 10 for me. 


If he can add another t20 world cup or odi world cup etc then puts him on mcgrath territory. 


I watched this guy bowl in 2018. I knew the moment I saw him bowl that we had something special. 


Best bowler in the world currently in ALL FORMATS. 


Yes inclusive of tests. Cummins is not as good as him. I just want to make sure everyone is aware of that. Bumrah has always been the better bowler. 


It's like karna vs arjun. Arjun always wins in the end. 


Nobody comes close. Not rabada. Not Cummins. Not anyone. 

In tests I am talking about. Forget about LOI. That's not even worth talking about given the facts are there to see. Evidence that points to bumrashtra being the best in LOI is Incontrovertible. 


It's tests that was questioned at times but make no mistake bumrah is the best in tests too. 


And yes india had the goat bowling attack of modern era from 2015 to 2022

Still strong now but we are rebuilding given shamis injury. Akashdeep mayank rana are all being ear marked for tests. Yes mayank Is injured bit he is young. Won't be long for him.


All that nonsense about him not stepping up in wtc final vs nz is bogus. Guy was injured. He played with an injury. Fit bumrah would have ran through them. 


He missed the next cycle due to injury. 


The real bumrah is the one you saw in test 2 of SA away series that ended not top long ago. 


Btw shami was injured for that series. 


Won't be long. I have a good feeling we will win the eng series next in England. In SA too if we get selections right. 

matter of time. 


If you ask me I would take away series wins over a stupid pointless one off wtc final which is a farce. 

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