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Count me IN too!

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Re: Count me IN too! Massage parlors in Goa will work too. BTW did you guys read the his joke on how politician sardar translated sonia Gandhi's hindi speech in Amritsar? Cracks me up every time I think abt. Goes something like this: Sonia Gandhi was addressing a vast rally in Amritsar with another Punjabi Congressman by her side. She said 'India has the beauty of the East, brains of the South, will of the West, and the virility of the North. If we combine these, we can rule the world'. There was complete silence as none of the Sardarjis understood a word of all this. At this point the Punjabi Congressman remarked to Mrs Gandhi, 'Madam, may I translate this so that my people can understand?'. Mrs. Gandhi agreed. He stood up to the mike and said - 'Madam Ji Kehndin Hain, Saade Desh De Kol, Bengal Di Phuddi Hai, Madras Di Budhhi Hai, Bumbai Da Mann Hai, Te Punjab Da Lund Hai. Agar Eh Saarian Cheezaan Mila Dittian Jaan, Ta Assi Saari Duniya Di Bund Maar Lawange'. A thunderous standing ovation followed.

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Re: Count me IN too!

Sooda, start a thread on ICF, "House prices are about to crash". Like night follows the day, Goose will click on it. Bingo! When he clicks on what he thinks is a link to estate agents jumping off the cliff, he'll land here instead.
:lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
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Re: Count me IN too!

Yeah Sooda ... Please do NOT mention this site to Zagid either. I appreciate your good intentions. Cheers.
erm..already have told him abt it...why not though?? I doubt he'll ever join Adi, Zahids a busy man these days. Dosent get the time, he does read through threads on occaision though...I think hes just not interested anymore. Apparently when ICF was on Rivals, Anil was the sites wild child- 'its amits' was how zahid put it. And is it true that you (Adi) were a mod there??
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