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The Never Ending Thread

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Guest Hiten.
My life sucks. I’d rather be born as a buffalo. Then' date=' at the least, I can get to eat all day, do nothing and yet not be laughed at for that. :(([/quote'] ..but you'll be touched by tom, dick and harry everyday to milk you :((
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....you'd be eating nuts all day along :((
That isnt good either. do any of you know a vegetarian animal that eats more than one type of food, is not groped by complete strangers and does nothing but laze around all day? :hmmm:
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So what do you do in the gym?
till now i quit doing weights i was only doing cross trainer and going to spinning classes (for those of u who dont know - no we do not whizz around and call it spinning its like a class on a stationary bike) as i was training up a running event but last week i changed it back to weights normal lat pull downs leg presses triceps etc abs but but boy does it hurt today! :((
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