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Football Summer Transfer Season 2015/16

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winter transfer window was dull i doubt anything changed significantly ..

most teams spent more for europa places than top of table ..chelsea wont buy anyone big until long term manager is appointed and thats fair but on other hand arsenal might have blown chance to win league by not signing players ..

i know they got one player but they needed more seeing injuries to cazorla and coq .


on other hand city seem like favourites to win from this point.

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Liecester 3 point away from a miracle title [3 matches remaining in season] :hatsoff:


Even if they lose next 2 match, last match against Chelsea who will lose purposefully to avoid Spurs getting title :giggle: 


La Liga is the most riveting right now with Barca & Am are join top , while RM one point behind.. [Barca leads both AM & RM in H2H , which is deciding factor in La Liga if teams tied for points]


Juve was 15th after fist 6/7 mathes but won 24 out of 25 and now won the league with matches to spare :hatsoff:



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Isnt he training someone to be a CB?

Pogba isnt worth £85mn.No way.And he may be another Di Maria like signing for Man Utd.

But wenger still needs an experienced cb. Mustafi deal is close from what I heard.

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