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Pro kabaddi League 2017

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Fantastic start by the defending champion and Pardeep shows why he is THE MVP. A classic dhoni style last minutes finish and opponents never recovered. The comeback was so good. And we got to see the DUPKI master at it best. Picking the perfect time to unleash the DUPKI.


And the best part was getting the mental edge over rahul and making him choke under the nervous 90s pressure. For 7 consecutive raids he was stuck at 499 points and finished at 499 . Reminded me of something but this is not the place.  :giggle:  


In terms of team it was good but we need a old experienced member like Manpreet in s3 and anna cheralathan in s4 to guide the team. Vishal can be that guy but he doesn't give too much confidence. Pardeep will have bad matches and none of the youngsters looks like match winners in his absence. Most impressive one is Monu Goyat but he is still very young. Last season Rajesh Mondal and the irani defenders carried the team if pardeep failed. This year only Vishal and Sachin are good. We should have tried to get at least one irani of the 3. I obviously want them to win but it will be tough this time. If this team defends the title it will be similar to wt20 2007 win. A superstar captain with a young team surprises everyone. 


Highlights: http://www.hotstar.com/sports/kabaddi/telugu-titans-2935-patna-pirates/2001600587



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