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  1. Its like a cliched 20 year old movie, but with modern visuals
  2. Missiles could be fired at the launch of a button in movies, but doesn't happen in real life. This was clearly an attempt to test ChiPak air defence/ strike an HVT. It isn't a big deal to track missile launches, but Pakistan has no way of intercepting Brahmos, which is why their strategy involves second strike capability. Not to mention, Pakistan itself took over a day to announce this, suggesting they had no idea what hit them initially.
  3. He has earned enough money and has lost interest in cricket now. I have never seen a fit player take so many breaks.
  4. Any upcoming spinners to keep an eye on?
  5. His IPL performance has been pathetic for many years
  6. Charu Sharma did very good job.....we should have Indian auctioneers for future auctions
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