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  1. The strategy they have chosen was bound have high death rate that no surprise and even for people planning would be aware of it was just media and some people going gaga over it so i guess people providing some statics show opposite Their thinking by not going into lock down their economy will better position then rest or countries will open eventually to get back economy leading to surge in cases there or there will economic crisis leading deaths So I think we will only know how strategy is better of or not only when COVID19 is over also I would compare them then with Norway, Denmark etc
  2. Government should slowly lift one by one see how it effects in staggered manner They should ban mass gathering more than XX number. They should have clear plan and announce criteria for going back to lockdown and how to come out so people are aware don't get frustrated atleast there is goal They should ban all religious gathering for a while. They should make sure where its no necessary people WFH or discourage people from going out They should indicate if there is still threat lockdown I am not expert in the area but I think they need bring some medical experts scientist and economist and plan strategy to get country on track Its going very slow process you need know that India is mainly service based economy now so whats happening in rest of world will effect that sector regardless if we open and manufacturing sector is based on migrant labors who will scared come back after their experience when cases or still there. so carefully they need open one . its not like opening up and everything will be back its going to be slow process and recession in most countries is inevitable
  3. India April- May is warmest time like in Maharashtra its going start to rain in June so second half June its going cooler if not be end May so your hear theory doesn't seem to working (even with a lock down) And about demographics if say without taking other things in contest like one statistics I put below its doesn't make difference ? Japan oldest population in world 667 deaths from 15,663 cases =425 death rate Niger youngest population in world 45 deaths from 815 cases- =5.52 death rate Point I am trying to make here is we should look how are country can deal with how it can effectively deal with because things are vastly different in India then rest of world due it population and ICU per person capacity is bad I am not against lifting lock down but its should planned with Indian health care mind to deal with it effectively
  4. I will just post graphs taken for other forum which form the Newyork times article it shows death rate in 2020 vs average death rate of country from 2020 . This are the Scandinavian countries And I am not saying that either strategy is good or bad but for Sweeden strategy to work their death rate should be low at end of the year or should be vastly better economic position end of the year . I also shows with effective controls like lock down death rates can be kept at minimum although their health care is vastly superior Insert other media
  5. Do you know way Belgium counts its death toll vastly different to rest world for higher transparency ? like people dying in care homes with and symptoms are counted as COV19 deaths if not tested while other countries such as Spain, italy , France and even Qatar is not reporting such manner so to compare first you do research and put same criteria and then compare?
  6. We are really in trouble now we need come of with strategy to how tackle this the problem till now has all though we have done well at start and went down lock down quite. Government kind of wasted bit time hoping Lock down and summat solve the problem which didn't happen This going to be really testing time for India. With population it was always Impossible task to control. So we need strategies to deal with issue if don't this could get really ugly
  7. Has Velu mentioned below its more of PR to show world like India is strong country and also they can bring some money to government , While they can more likely have control on narrative in inside India and also this poor people don't have money or power so they don't care. Still very disappointing that government was trying get payment from the, I think what happened was government put the egg in one basket that heat and lock down will ensure by May everything will be in control. Now with heat theory is a flop ( Yes sun kills it more faster but not effective enough) and lock down only slowing it down government realizes this people are getting impatient and virus is unlikely go away with long battle ahead they sent Immigrants to home to ensure there is no chaos The biggest problem is still government is it has not developed road map how we go ahead Its all chaotic . shows how ill prepared India is for a pandemic . If you see many European countries few have plan ahead like for months
  8. I hope is Isolated incident to , This is the thing I am worried post lock-down but hear it happening when we are in lock-down with pretty controlled spread is terrifying
  9. Where is happening? that very concerning thing indeed if its true with our population
  10. This all great until your health care gets overwhelmed and then not only more people will die of COVID 19 but other disease as well not getting treatment as health care can't cope Many of the countries which are overwhelmed by COVID19 are under reporting cases and death because they don't time examine dead if the died of COVID19 if the test was not before their death
  11. Okay First heard immunity is assumption as immunity is not confirmed but let assume its for one year immunity you have and India goes for Hear immunity and India can handle 2,00,000 daily infections(5% needing ICU which is 10,000 day) so there would (2,00,000*365)= 7.30,00,000 in year and its around 60% now but people who had infection start getting infected again so we are in round 2 again My above statement is is assuming lot of things like Immunity will be one year which might less which would be bad , it can through out life which would great for this strategy but can't be sure without data over more period and Strain doesn't becomes less deadly or more deadly. which can happen when there lot people getting infected it could mutate And what happened to the assumption that hot weather make virus less effective? if thats case should we try contain it by June before the rainy season begins? just putting out there
  12. Sweden is developed country and they are doing is based on science and assumptions and they will go shutdown if they feeling things are going out of hand. UK tried same strategy but had change tactics when health system started overwhelm and I think Indian health system is not god as UK and will overwhelmed still faster Whats works in Sweden may work India so you have careful and biggest problem with heard immunity it is a assumption we have immunity and there so research confirm which might take bit of time if that not case you will in trouble for countries going with that strategy and bigger trouble for populated country such as India So I think India should lift lock down staggered manner first they could concentrate on getting back food & agriculture related service up to full scale so we don't go into food crisis and then slowly concentrate other sectors
  13. India population is huge problem when lock down ends If its not handled properly it can turn bad real quick so the government has analyse lot of things the main thing is Health care shouldn't get burdened if gets the death rate is will be high So with lock down governments around world government is using this collect knowledge on how deal with virus better, its about giving doctors and scientist time research on effective ways to deal with it and more the information better it is and if your one of later nations to lift lock down you can better understand what all things you need to do from other nations Below Angela Merkel talking about health care system how much it handle(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22SQVZ4CeXA) , just point out Germany has one best ICU ratios and never be overwhelmed even taking patients from other European but still very carefully lifting lock down
  14. its something to trading and contract (something like you buy those commodity and sell in market like shares) so when contract expires Tuesday they have sell it but no one needs it now so its almost no value in market so its gone so but after this expiry they will go next contract which will again around $20 dollars I heard
  15. here are several reasons like being right place at right time and when companies where looking to move from their manufacturing country many countries had stricter laws or in case India restriction in Foreign investment before 1991 China had Cheap skilled labor which many countries had but China not much of health, Safety. Employment and environmental regulation which is why companies the moved China when US and Europe started imposing it For example a medical company wanted test medical for vaccine's on animal which country would it move? Let see China allows trade of wild animals and kill the so they will work cheaper compliance norms so let move there
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