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  1. I think they should really be delaying it or giving some other country to host which is waiting for his chance rather moving it to UAE . Hosting in India is prestige it will bring revenue tourism for India, attract audience and atmosphere will great. That's reason countries fight so much get rights for Football WorldCup or Olympics. Even sport like Formula 1 countries host with idea of tourism and show the country in good sense.
  2. I think they should probably take route of 4 players from major cricking nations +1 player from Minnow teams like (Afghanistan, Netherlands, Ireland , Nepal etc) so they can develop interest in those country's into following cricket . It will good for cricket overall I feel
  3. Should IPL have been played with probably not, but stopping now would do good either all the social media is filled with so many sad stories so IPL provide some comfort and diversion, it probably should restricted one venue and there should be any celebration and them contribute some relief would great Yes we need fix country but canceling IPL won't fix maybe it will some attention sure, but it might also bring anxiety and stress people who desperately seek And yes your country handled well because you stuck with lockdown strategy for now its seems great also being I
  4. I can understand why they would want leave specially with English and Australian players who earn good amount from their leagues and family members worrying will put pressure on them. It will tricky for New zealand players although their country is great shape they don't make great amount money from cricket and hard for other country players where IPL will be great deal other their income
  5. I think it just Virat is more influential and Imposing figure to others and teammates might be intimidated. While Rahane is more friendly an no where influential compared Virat , I think teammates are little more relaxed and able express themselves better.
  6. Yes , now it can't happen but there was option till last year Duanne Olivier moved last year and many would probably would have joined if there was no IPL and other 20-20 leagues which provides them opportunity for some decent income
  7. Yep, IPL is helping South Africa team be decent without it I think may would have joined Kolpak similar what happened to Zimbabwe in early 2000"s
  8. I think Kings X1 have got their strategy wrong as well I think should try attack from Ball one at least till power play. If one of Agrawal or Rahul gets out then other maybe try and consolidate. Rahul trying to anchor is not benefiting much considering their week bowling
  9. I don't where is this comparison coming from but when Lidelof was dropped Man utd had one worst defensive display in recent memory Speaking match good win for KKR
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