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    Yes Max is very aggressive its been well documented but I think this season he has been that aggressive apart from with Lewis and matured a bit . Team boses most of them wine it probably makes difference if they wine against your favorite I personally get annoyed with Ferrari Mattio Binotto apart from Wolf As far ask tracks go it would be hard to I would say with developments all we will have to see but I think redbull have chance with Max to have advantage in most I think they will struggle in Saudi Arabia and not sure on Quatar Gasly is good he was just unlucky to
  2. I think its probably also for the Kings might have mentioned they might want give some other go I think with Makram doing decent job I with bat probably they might try and included someone else in place of Gayle
  3. I guess it should be based on place and what it famous for like if its Gujarat, Probably you can go for Gujarat Lions or Gujarat Diamonds something like that or maybe go bit traditional aswell
  4. rising


    If your thinking I Max Fan your wrong, I am only supporting him as he is only one other than Lewis has chance to win and he is driving well And were did show disrespect to Lewis? I said what was obvious Lewis was lucky this year and , Max deserve the title Lewis would not have finished below top 5 in Imola had Bottas not crashed with Russel Tire are not expected fail in that way which happened in Baku and its considered Unlucky, they are expected degrade not blow out Silverstone easily Lewis could have also retirement if Collison was bit heavier Hungary Le
  5. I would have system where is 4 foreign players max and maybe 2 associate Max but its not like its must if they think assocaites are not good enough they can have Indian players but I think associates players will bring lot more interest in IPL and also they will really want play also they it will bring hope to their cricket There are good enough players who are not getting picked because they are bit Raw with lack coaching and facilities. so teams preferring Aussies who played big bash Indian Players also have lot other venues to improve aswell like Ranj
  6. I agree ECB is being very manipulative they just put in media of India forfeiting so that India can be in back foot and get something favors from India but main one in powerful English media English is media is one of most manipulative one they will try and get best deal of for their countrymen. i noticed them since early 2000's where in football they were trying to put Rooney(English) over C Ronaldo or recent Harry Kane(English) situation where even though skipped training in order force transfer and he was made sound like Victim by media vs Pogba who hinter he wanted move was
  7. rising


    Yes I watch F1 and I believe Max awesome this season should but has been very unlucky with tire failures Mercedes Crashing . While Lewis has been very lucky and Max deserves the title And with all action happening in Other or Cricket this should also be probably moved there
  8. I think cricket is India are doing fine I don't want India to dominate the way US does basketball, I would even more happier it goes football way with so many countries you never sure which one can win , if cricket goes basketball way we probably need playing IPL most of the year What I would love India to become is competitive in other sports
  9. I think there might be problems with WADA with regards to Indian cricket where players did not want share details about whereabouts. i think this happened something 10 to 12 years ago which might problem for cricket
  10. I think they should really be delaying it or giving some other country to host which is waiting for his chance rather moving it to UAE . Hosting in India is prestige it will bring revenue tourism for India, attract audience and atmosphere will great. That's reason countries fight so much get rights for Football WorldCup or Olympics. Even sport like Formula 1 countries host with idea of tourism and show the country in good sense.
  11. I think they should probably take route of 4 players from major cricking nations +1 player from Minnow teams like (Afghanistan, Netherlands, Ireland , Nepal etc) so they can develop interest in those country's into following cricket . It will good for cricket overall I feel
  12. Should IPL have been played with probably not, but stopping now would do good either all the social media is filled with so many sad stories so IPL provide some comfort and diversion, it probably should restricted one venue and there should be any celebration and them contribute some relief would great Yes we need fix country but canceling IPL won't fix maybe it will some attention sure, but it might also bring anxiety and stress people who desperately seek And yes your country handled well because you stuck with lockdown strategy for now its seems great also being I
  13. I can understand why they would want leave specially with English and Australian players who earn good amount from their leagues and family members worrying will put pressure on them. It will tricky for New zealand players although their country is great shape they don't make great amount money from cricket and hard for other country players where IPL will be great deal other their income
  14. I think it just Virat is more influential and Imposing figure to others and teammates might be intimidated. While Rahane is more friendly an no where influential compared Virat , I think teammates are little more relaxed and able express themselves better.
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