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  1. Whatsapp karne me takleef hai.. Yaha bahut active hogya ajkal @flat_wicket_bully
  2. I hvnt been able to watch any of the games so far this edition. Some really odd working hoursn some stress on persnl level Will be watching the next 1 for sure. C ya in d nxt MI match thread
  3. If nthng is working do a competition among icf ppl.. Smone can do the point calculations...
  4. I'll b playing this year. Let me know if everything is finalised @flat_wicket_bully u in? @Rasgulla? @Mariyam
  5. I dnt consider any intnl matches as useless. Love cricket. Be it against any team.
  6. Shy is not the word i would relate with pandya, ever.
  7. It wasn't practically possible to play all four of chahal kuldeep bumrah n shami together as it meant we playing with 4 no 11s. It's just not feasible. So to accommodate that jadeja was brought back in inspite of being an avg odi bowler. So the combo was broken and never got back together.
  8. Had Kohli ran Morgan out after dropping the catch, I'm 100% sure he would have recalled him, given the fact that Morgan wasn't attempting the run and stepped out thinking he was out.
  9. Analysis is one thing but even gambhir and agarkar are poor commies. Have your seen gambhir in that ad? He talks like a 1st standard student reading out a paragraph in English book.
  10. Talking about chest thumping... have your heard Ian Smith and his goons.. Other than that, SL commies are worse than Indians and Athar Ali Khan and Bangladesh doesn't count
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