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  1. I never wish death upon anyone. But these fekers need to go asap for the betterment of our country.
  2. And then we have whatsapp scientists
  3. Saw a tweet Governor in Karnataka standing and clapping with others .. See no distance maintained from ea h other.. agar yeh log hi ase karenge toh fir...
  4. Yea. But it only takes one or two idiots to ruin everything. And there are hundreds of them.
  5. People are taking it so lightly. You know my company asked me to go to the offic n collect the computers myself. I didn go. There were 200+ people. This was just 3 days ago. I complained on twitter to the mumbai police. Later management saw my tweet and are now threatening to remove me. See that's what you get when you tru to spread awareness or stop this thing. Nobody gives a f.
  6. Dude it's all *ed up here.. Disaster waiting to happen.. Groups of idiots were dancing in the street in the name of "taali bajao" ill pst videos if I can. @Ankit_sharma03 u might have seen them
  7. I dnno what to say... Look at this video.. We're not gonna survive
  8. I stay in Mumbai. I think it's time to say goodbye.
  9. Thanks.. And the management in these companies don't give a f really.. Ill show you an actual screenshot of the conversation they have in the offic group, even when provided with true facts..
  10. New positive found in kamothe (new Bombay) i stay 5 minutes from there. I work in Accenture and they are yet go give us any days off. Well guess I'm *ed.
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