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  1. Yes. Every single time. For someone who's known as a fast bowler's captain it's shocking how he picks guys like shardul and even bhuvi ahead of Shami and that too in important games. Ct and wc comes to mind.
  2. You can't fix a tournament with so many players from different countries taking part. It's ridiculous to think everyone of those playing will be part of it. Couple of games here and there, I can understand. If you call the entire tournament as fixed, you are the one that needs something fixed.
  3. It's malayalam not tamil. Even i don't understand much of Tamil. Im born n brt up in Mumbai, but originally frm Kerala. Nothing bad i just said 'acha hua aise hi hona chahie uske sath'
  4. Remember that series clear as daylight. We were done and out 1-2 and then Dada recalled Yuvi n he brought us back and won the series. I guess those were the Doordarshan days for me.. Only telecasted one hour each at the start and end of the day during tests.
  5. Was tempted to put zak over shami but Shami's avg and wicket taking ability is too hard to ignore.
  6. Harbhajan?? Cmon if you put Ishant in there deftly bhajji deserves to be in there too. Maybe u ignored him coz of his bowling avg?
  7. In odis I would pick Bhajji over Kumble. Just my preference. Both of them avg in 30s and have exact same economy rate (4.31) but bhajji played much more into the "batting era" with higher par score. I think kumble, especially after his comeback in 2000, was pretty mediocre in odis. I know bhajji is a villain here in icf Other than that, Bumrah. But would like to see him play more atleast 100 odis. Second pick Shami.
  8. Hooda is not a nobody. In fact back when hr was playing for Hyderabad he was considered to be in the running for the Indian team. Unfortunately fell into obscurity for a while but he's still young.
  9. Sorry for the choice of words. Yes he was exciting ti watch. Unfortunately his shelf life in intnl cricket was short due to age and his playing style.
  10. Funny thing is he could actually play the normal way, he just chose not to. I Remember a 40 or 50 odd he scored while playing proper shots and Ian Chappel was impressed.
  11. Does anybody remember Mal Loye the English opener? His speciality was sweeping the fast bowlers while opening the Innings. ENGLAND odi side was pretty crap those days and they were looking to pick anyone who could give a boost to the innings. Got smacked right on his helmet while sweeping McGrath and Glenn's glorious sarcastic smirk afterwards is still fun to watch. I Guess it was during the time when England Poached Ed Joyce from Ireland and both were opening together. Debuted pretty late in his career and provided awesome entertainment. Brett lee, Bond, MCgra
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