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  1. Swing has nothing to do with pitch. You cant "make" a swinging pitch. Swing is based on overhead conditions. as the swing of the ball is due to air pressure not the pitch conditions. But yeah his pitch is not that bad and fek neutral pitches
  2. I see. Didnt think of that. ;-) Maybe shud have read the thread title first
  3. I dont agree with a color being fixed to a coutry or team. Who says we cant have darker blues? even better who says we cant have any other color combos... we used to have dark blue back in 90s too. any way I didnt expect much from BCCI When it comes to aesthetics we are always behind ...
  4. we never had a Shiny looking jersey liek this - Kind of like what NZ used to have (not the color but but the shine on it) For Nostalgic reasons
  5. Agarkar touched 149, which was a no-ball.
  6. Whatsapp karne me takleef hai.. Yaha bahut active hogya ajkal @flat_wicket_bully
  7. I hvnt been able to watch any of the games so far this edition. Some really odd working hoursn some stress on persnl level Will be watching the next 1 for sure. C ya in d nxt MI match thread
  8. If nthng is working do a competition among icf ppl.. Smone can do the point calculations...
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