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  1. Before the series started people here were abusing Rahane and even said he is made captain by Kohli coz he dsnt want anyone else to topple him as he knows Rahane is pathetic. All of a sudden rahane is the best thing ever. and same posters are singing songs for him. Just my 2 cents. I love them all equally
  2. They gonna ban mamoonhe has enough ammunition for a decade now..but to b fair many pp members were actively cheering for us.. Other than the usual suspects
  3. Pant is already the greatest test wk to play for india
  4. Man this chase has Ravi shastri written all over it.. No more abuses please.
  5. Pakka Ravi shastri daaru peeke kuch bola hoga.. Go for it boys we are the bestessst in the world let's smash them and smash them hard
  6. scarred for life watching Indias tail bat from 90s...
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