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  1. Natarajan in T20is against Australia. Gill, Siraj , Sundar and Axar in Tests. SKY, Kishan and Krunal here against England in white ball cricket. Now prasidh. Lot of people are getting chances now. Things are looking up
  2. It's not necessary to lose battles in order to win warsm
  3. Sorry. Next time we will try lose all the matches, coz they are not world cups, to please you.
  4. Chalo shuru hogya negative nancies. Pretty sure even if we win wolrd cup we will have threads saying "we won.. But
  5. Took the words out of my glass.. I meant mouth
  6. TM always Blvd in this guy. Even when no good ppl here were making memes about him. Threz a reason why coaches get paid in crores.
  7. But, actually thakur is from Mumbai. So that'll do
  8. The bigger and better question is, can he be the next Ravi Shastri?
  9. New gen commies are an embarrassment. I miss me.
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