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  1. RIP Roy. Most underrated gem from an era and team full of greats.
  2. If you dnt know then stfu. This is what happens when 12 year olds wanna act cool and edgy. Put some respect in the name of the bonafide legend you stupid keyboard warrior. This is not a yellow newspaper site if you cnt rexpect cricketers take your 12 year old emo azz smwhre else Its literally the first line in the rules of this forum. people like this should be kicked out of this forum or else it will just be another banglacricket soon
  3. What do u expect from someone who has the most generic and cringiest username on planet “sarchasm” lmao
  4. Ane chu**ad stop acting liek a dumb *. You wirte the spelling thats ur official name. Dnt giv me ur freaking lecture on names n geography Once again, i dnt blame you - i blame ur parents
  5. So news from the centre is that Paksitan has won the toss and chose to blast first (pak twitter n forums already blaming India so yea i have no remorse)
  6. It's nt my responsibility to teach you how to read. It was your parents'. Which they clearly failed.
  7. No but as a Forum in India Atleast we should not make mistakes while writing names of a player. I dn blv in caste or relgion - fuk that. Just stating the fact
  8. DNt talk shyte if you have no clue I myself am a varma from Kerala. It's not Verma I had to break chrctr for an idiot like u
  9. Its Tilak Varma not Verma completely different Talking of the surname “Varma”, please do not mistake it for North Indian Verma or in simple words do not mistake it for Indian Vermas who were spread across North India till Karnataka and Gujarat till central India. In real the “Varmas" were the Malayaliees (Keralites) and part of Andhras. Marthanda Varma was one such mMalayali leader/ king of their Chera dynasty. Thus, please note: Varma is not the Vedic Verma.
  10. Who made this churu sharma host compeltly flng up and confusing with nos
  11. Charu sharma needs to stop acting like a smart ass with cringe comments Bloody ravi shastri light
  12. Lol at srh trolling mi they got trolled in return
  13. Swing has nothing to do with the type of the pitches as the swing of the ball is due to air pressure not the pitch conditions. The conditions that assist swing bowling are the shine of the ball and the moisture content in the air. There is no conenction between SWING & PITCH
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